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2021 King of the Arena

From the Future to The King

Long Live the King! Are you ready for a one on one interview with the 2021 King of the Arena winner, Hammer? I bet you are! This interview is brought to you by your favorite hard hitting, tear jerking, often gets punched in a South London pub, Breaking news reporter; Slater Woolery. You can't pull the wool over MY eyes! A busy man with a busy schedule, I think I annoyed him enough to hammer out a few questions…

WOOLERY: What was your main driving factor towards your goal of becoming the King of the Arena?

HAMMER: I deserve it. I'm the Future of, not only the VWE, but this entire goddamn industry. The tournament was only a formality for the inevitable.

WOOLERY: I see. So now that you’ve won….tell me... how does it feel being King of the Arena?

HAMMER: It feels like I've ascended to where I belong. When I return to Kinshasa, they will fall to their knees in praise of their King returning home.

WOOLERY: Oh. I’m sure they will after a win like that! Your at the top of your game right now, but is there anywhere else to go? Seeing as how you're literally on the top? I mean..you can’t get higher than the King?

HAMMER: This isn't the top. You know exactly where the top is. There is always a target for His Majesty.

WOOLERY: A lot of people will definitely be going for your throne. So what are your plans now that you’ve won? Disneyworld? Record Deal? A Pez dispenser in your image?

HAMMER: Do you think I would tell you that? Stay tuned, you'll see what's next.

WOOLERY: Well then! Cheeky bu...Any final words for the naysayers who thought you were nothing but a joke, handpicked by the CEO and helped through most of your fights? I’m not asking that! The fans are…?

HAMMER: I won, your favorites all lose to me and I'm going to keep winning and KEEP dominating until I decide to stop. Get VERY acquainted with being disappointed.

WOOLERY: I’m sure I will. Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

Well there you have it folks. Our King of the Arena 2021 is none other than Hammer. What’s next? Only time will tell. Stay classy and I’ll see you all at the next major event!

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