Ask Skoll: A Vikings View on Life, Love, & Wrestling

Dear Skoll, Can a poly relationship work?

- Pondering Polly

Pondering Polly. That's a bit of a complicated question. Especially when you have multiple Vikings raiding the same port. When everyone's going after the same horde, a few fragile egos could break like heads beneath an axe. I think communication is the most important part of any relationship. So if your shield brothers and sisters are in agreement. Then why not try it? And if it doesn't work. There's plenty of other ships in the fjord.

Dear Skoll, My boyfriend cheated on me. What can I do? - Heartbroken Heather

Heartbroken Heather. Put an axe in his head. After that he'll take you seriously. Or he'd be dead. Either way you've opened the door for a brand new relationship. The new guy doesn't know what you've done, and the old lover won't remember due to all the brain damage. Just don't ask Alexa where to hide the body. They trace that stuff.

Dear Favorite Wrestler - Day in and out you get in the ring and you have to live up to these expectations that are set before you. Everyday I am living the same thing. What advice do you have for someone that is just wants to move forward? - Fighting Fiona

Fighting Fiona: Life will always throw axes in your general direction. It's up to you whether you'll meet it with a shield, or with your face. You should take pride in everything you do. You fight for your reputation, but you also fight for yourself and for respect. The gods gave you talents for a reason. But they also know when it's time for you to shine. So if you want to make a change in your life. Use your shield to block life's negative axes and just push through. You won't ever be alone. You have family and friends that are willing to stand by you and support your decisions. If that's not their motivations. Well. Find new friends. A shield wall is only as strong as the individuals that it consists of.

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