Austin vs Brak

Tell me what led up to your match at Wrestleseries.

Austin: started with a sudden attack on Brak by Austin that was later reveal to be cause he feels Brak never earned what he has cause Brak won his money off a lottery while Austin had to work for it . while Brak sees it as what you do with it that counts. Austin then started rumors about Brak inc and even bought up a charity Brak owned and liquidated the assets. Led to Brak being taunted into a trap where he was beat down and thrown into the servers down in the arena. Brak brought up Austin's past and few details till Austin accepted to settle it at WS.

Brak: Austin attacked me one night. After trying to get answers from him and bury the hatchet, I finally confronted him in the ring one night at Edge. He said some disparaging things about my personal life and crossed a line. I'll admit that I should have been the bigger man and talked it out that night, but I snapped at him. Once I regained my composure I continued to try to bring this to a peaceful conclusion. Within my inner circle and with my business associates rumors began to spread about Brakman Industries business dealings. The root of those very costly rumors turned out to be Austin Knight. Another night of me trying to confront him, lead to a trap set by him which led to be getting physically attacked by two of his goons. He's crossed line after line against me. I've always viewed the similarities between me and Austin as an interesting coincidence. Then I dug deeper. In digging deeper, and speaking with his cousin, former VWE commentator Brutus, I learned a treasure trove of secrets he's tried to hide for most of his life. From his meager upbringing, just like me, to our common hispanic heritage, I learned that the similarities between us are vast. Mirror images of each other. The key difference being how we use our wealth. Him for greed and wrong doing, and me for charity and the overall improvement of the world. He didnt like these secrets being revealed, so he finally agreed to face me in the ring at Wrestleseries 12.

Who do you think will win your match?

Austin: .I'm gonna win cause for all the praise Brakman gets about what he has done. He is still a never earned it and like all things in his life he will lose and be back at same spot downing another bottle of Vodka.

Brak: The heart, skill, training, and hopefully a little karmaic influnece favor me.

Any last thoughts?

Brak: Austin needs to understand that being honest about who you are is quite liberating. I'll be the first to admit that I am flawed and I have issues that I work through every day. But I hope that the version of Austin thats buried deep within him, the good guy that would make his childhood heroes proud, can rise like a phoenix once the emotion and adrenaline are at their peak after I win. At that point, my hand will be extended for a handshake.

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