Beachbrawl Predictions

We see this year’s Beach Brawl is a two night event and will possibly see some of the most vicious matches of the year as well. This article will show some of the thoughts of members on the staff, VWE and Pulse as they watch these warriors collide in this epic two night event.

Let's start off with a rather easy question, which match has your interest in and why?

Danni (From Pulse): Well, there's always certain matches I have my eye on. One being the women's world championship match, Viola versus Kittie. Yes I study all of them, but my particular interests are those on top. It's always interesting to see who will reign, and who will fall. Then there's interesting characters like Scion and Hammer. For some reason that whole match up seems quite ominous. Don't forget the men's world championship. I mean Misfit and Austin Knight have been in this tango for how long now? And Misfit, the dude finally spoke... What's in store for them? Honestly they'd do many matches upcoming, it's hard to say what major changes we'll see.

Morgan (VWE): The entire card seems super dope and there's a lot of matches I'm interested in seeing. However, what I'm anticipating most is to see the result of the Wrex/Drake saga, there are two different titles on the line between them over those two days with the addition of Sass and Dimitri. Can't wait to see how that goes down.

Falcon (VWE): Ofcourse, well thank you for having me, Your GM of the Year here today! be sure to vote for me this year so i can continue the streak. Anyway, I'm very excited about most of the matches happening. I mean Hulk Parkin coming back to face off against Randy Orchid is a match I'm definitely invested in! But besides that, I'm very interested in the match between Michael Karsin vs. Night.

Rachal (Pulse): First and foremost "The War Vixen" , that's right that's me, is interested in the women's battle royale. I would have loved to go in their and eradicate all those women. Luckily for them i'm already preoccupied with Anarchy and her silly games at Clash. Nonetheless I will be watching and excited to see that carnage unfold. Another match I am interested in, is the Kittie Lovencraft vs Viola Beaumont for the VWE Women's World Championship. This rivalry between them has kind of made an impression on me. It is so heated and is like a reflection of Anarchy and I's rivalry. Viola is a talented wrestler she is at the top of her game right now , however Kittie has that drive and determination and that bad ass attitude to take what she wants. My bets are on Kittie because well she reminds me alot of me and why the hell would I bet against myself. One other interesting match I find intriguing is this Neon Warriors vs Drake Edwards and Dimitri. Now don't get me wrong Marcy 'Sass' Shafer has all the crazy "sass" to stay in this match but I mean come on the odds are clearly stacked against Neon Warriors. Dimitri is a big guy that can crush anyone. You can have all the "sass" and talent you want but a big guy like Dimitri getting a hold of you isn't going to go well. I am highly interested in seeing how Marcy 'Sass' Shafer manages to handle Dimitri because we all know the rivalry between Wrex and Drake and clearly they will be too focused on themselves.

With these two taking a personal rivalry to a whole new level with home invasion, car collisions, can Cody show why he is God or will Brakman be able to vanquish this false prophet?

Becky (VWE): This one has been intense for sure, and having been through personal style fallouts myself, I understand how much is on the table with this one! I have a feeling Brakman is going to go all out with this one, be completely focused and take the win!

Sköll (Pulse): Cody? God? More like Loki. If he were a true god he would face Brakman instead of hitting him with a damn car. It almost seemed like he was afraid to face Brakman. I believe that Brakman has a rage that's been brewing inside of him. He's going to let it out at Beachbrawl and I'd hate to be on the receiving end of it. Cody might want to start praying for some assistance for this one.

Morgan: I'll give all of the credit in the world to Cody, he's a fantastic wrestler, but a delusional little bitch boy. I'm a huge fan of Brakman and I think that he will deliver Cody a much needed reality check. Hey Brakman, my dude, pizza and good green on me after the show if you kick his ass.

The level of danger is high not just for the roster or staff but also the fans. Michael and Night look to destroy each other, who will survive this war?

Becky: AHHHHHHHHH! NIGHT!! MY BESTIE!!! I love Night so much, he helped me the other day from Rani, he's the bestest!! I saw Michael attacking a fan, and that's really never okay, our fans are the most important people in all of this, and we should treat them with love and care! I vote for Night to win this one!

Hammer (VWE): Another guy that I faced and has stepped it up. I can't, with my past, cast judgement on, Michael is on another level of intensity. He wins.

Austin (VWE): Well here we got Michael, someone who smarten up a bit since I've taken the belt off him. Some say he went too far attacking a fan but those are the same people who love guys like Acheron. who if they forget did the same in his day. As for Night .. the fake diamond who never had the guts to cash in for the title shot he earned at Wrestleseries... He clearly thinks taking on Michael fresh off losing the belt is an easy win but he's gonna learn that Michael is a threat when he focuses on the real target.

As of late it seems Samantha has been wanting to bring out the fire in Lyra, does Samantha know how to control the flame or will Samantha be consumed by the Wildfire?

Billie (Pulse): I really see this one as a big accident waiting to happen. Sam has been trying to bring out a side of Lyra that's been put away for a while. As I see it, as I'm pretty sure the chains have been broken already, as much as I hate to say this, it's gonna be Firebird all the way. May the gods have mercy on our souls.

Falcon: While it's not really a match I would consider, Samantha has something that Lyra has lost and that's the "IT" Factor. Here's a question for you, how many world championships has Lyra won? Despite her size, her skills and her strength you would think she'd be a Multi-time World Champion at this point. But she hasn't, Her sheer-will has amounted to a colossal ZERO World Championships. The most she can muster was becoming a 2x Radiance Champion but let's be honest, there's a reason somebody from PULSE was able to take that title away from the VWE Main shows. Then someone like Samantha comes along who has everything going for her. Very fresh into VWE and has a good streak going for her. What's the biggest way to get notice then to take out the biggest fish in the pond? don't get me wrong, Lyra is the biggest fish but is certainly one of the dumbest. By the end of that match you will see Samantha defeat Lyra, hell I wouldn't be surprised to see if Lyra just retires after that. Not everybody is World Champion and Lyra knows this. Samantha will defeat Lyra Phoenix, resulting in cementing what we already know about Lyra. All her power, skill and strength will amount to NOTHING no matter what. She will never win the big one.

Austin: Here the deal, Lyra is 6'5 and should be steamrolling over the division but everytime she tries to reach the top she falls short. You know why that is? Cause she doesn't have the killer drive to use that size. Remember when Kittie blamed Lyra for her guitar being broken? She SHOULD have done it.. right over Kittie's head!She has all the right tools but doesn't use them cause she rather be accepted by these idiots.. That's why Samantha is gonna beat her. Samantha doesn't care what anyone thinks. she just wants to hurt people and that is why she will win.

With the Neon Warriors having a huge mountain to climb with not only defending the tag titles but also Wrex has to battle Drake one on one while Sass must fight Maxine, will The Neon Warriors continue the momentum or will it strike midnight for these underdogs?

Hammer: They have a steep hill to climb for sure. With Wrex and Drake facing each other twice, they're pretty negligible. Sass is going to have to bring her absolute best in order to knock Maxine off though. It'll be hard fought, but Wrex and Sass sweep the matches.

Morgan: I'm a massive fan of Wrex and Sass. As much as I will not discredit the ability of Drake, I think my buddy Wrex will be walking away with another title. I remember when Sass became a wrestler, she has come leaps and bounds and she is very skilled. Maxine is a veteran with a lot of history and a lot of accolades. I have to go with Sass here to show her my support, I think she's got this one.

Becky: Neon Warriors all the way! I love Sass and Wrex so much!! I'm alsooo going to have to vote for them separately too, they've been on a roll! #LoveToNeonWarriors

Since the introduction of the VWE Legacy Championship we have seen a tournament unfold with twist and turns. Skillex and Ren Blackheart have given everything to fight through the ranks and now they are each other’s last hurdle. Who you think has just enough energy to push through and make history to become the first ever VWE Legacy Championship?

Austin: I'm putting it right out there that i do not like either of these men. I would rather see them both laid out cold at the end and give the belt to the ring but if i had to pick a winner. I would go with Skillex. Ren shown time and again he doesn't get what it takes to win the big one and while I may dislike him... I didn't pick Skillex just to fill rank in the war. He is skilled and could be the first to hold that belt.

“The War Vixen'' Rachal: You know these two , Ren and Skillex like you said and well Ren also said this in his speech , they have scratched and clawed their way to the top. Ren himself said he put his blood, sweat and tears into this company since day one. Ren has amazing heart and talent to take this Legacy Championship belt home with him however you can have all the heart and talent in the world but ultimately that heart can also be used against you. Skillex is dangerous and seems to give zero fucks what anyone thinks , ha sounds like me. Skillex is gonna use Ren's heart and his valor against him because Skillex is gonna do anything and everything that it takes to win because he doesn't care what anyone thinks because it is his "Culture" not anyone else's.

Sköll: Ren. Without a doubt. He's shown a drive that is unwavering. No matter how many times he's been knocked down, he just picks himself back up and keeps on going. I know it's going to be a good fight, especially after that face off in the ring. Remember that? So I'm going to go with Ren. Skillex is skilled, but rash. He's lucky he was able to continue after that suspension.

These two have been at battle multiple times this year but there is a huge difference in this meeting, Kittie’s injury. Can Kittie overcome her leg’s limitations or will Viola crush Kittie and her rockers’ hopes and dreams one more time?

Morgan: As much as I hate to say it, because Diamond Club are pretty scummy.. I'm not sure if Kittie can pull out this win while injured. Viola is hard to beat even when you're at 100%. Kittie is going to have to pull out a miracle and I'm rooting for her.

Falcon: If there's anything Papi Penguino knows about Viola and Kittie, I know how they both despise each other. Despite this, The Queen of Diamonds herself, The Absolute Legend will retain. Viola Beaumont is a multi-time VWE Women's World Champion. A Legend in her own right who has defeated them all. Viola has beaten them ALL and they ALL have moved onto other things. Viola has retired legends, defeated rivals, owned new hopeful rookies and has made management bow down to her feet countless times. Viola IS VWE at this point. If there ever was a sole leader of Diamond Club it would be Viola. You'd think Kittie could ever muster up to that? Sure Kittie has had a lucky time becoming the #1 contender but let's be honest here. This match is for the VWE Women's World Championship and you NEED to be 100% for this match. I know it's Beachbrawl but Ms. Crutch didn't need to go fully peg-legged. anyone and their family member can tell you Viola is going to exploit that injury AS SHE SHOULD. Kittie should've listened to Scion. and WHEN Kittie Loses, she's going to have no one to blame but herself. Knowing Viola also, she's going to make sure Kittie stays out, Permanently.

Austin: Hands down that Viola wins this. Kittie got way too many title shots but in all of them she was 100% and still couldn't beat Viola. Anyone with half a brain cell knows she got no chance with one leg.

Billie:Against Viola? Against the shark of the division? Kittie may have a lot of heart and Scion backing her, and that's regardless of whether or not he's going to be ringside, but Viola's had a LOT of practice working on a damaged leg and she's vicious even when there's nothing to target. The only way this would go worse for Kittie would be if she'd currently be the champion.

Becky: if Kittie was at her full self health wise, I would pick Kittie, her heart is all in it, but her injury could cost her, and I don't want her to hurt herself even further! I think Viola may win this one though, but I have no doubt that Kittie will put her all into the match!

We all see how bad Misfit’s injuries are, seeing him barely able to stand, but he seems to keep pushing with one mission to dethrone Austin. Can Misfit be able to overcome the odds and finally reach the top or will Austin make Misfit’s last ride end in tragedy?

Becky: What happened with The Misfit was awful, but he's still going strong, and he refuses to back down, he even spoke!! I think he has it in him to finally take Austin down, the only thing I worry about is his health! I hope he'll stay safe! #LoveToMisfit

Hammer: This one is tough... I want to believe in Misfit here, but the numbers don't lie. One vs. All is a STEEP mountain to climb. Now, I know Misfit will put everything in the line in this one, but I think with the injury and the numbers, Austin wins. I just hope my part in whittling down those numbers helps.

Billie: Austin is cut from the same cloth as Viola. They both take pleasure in inflicting pain on their opponents. The ONLY chance Misfit has in this one is if Austin toys with his food too much. There wasn't any conversation about waivers in this one, but everyone saw the attack that Misfit took at the hands of Diamond Club. There is no way both Misfit and Kittie are just barely not cleared to wrestle. I'm surprised that someone in charge of these things didn't take Misfit kicking and screaming to be declared unfit to wrestle after the stubborn SOB refused treatment.

“The War Vixen” Rachal: Talking about another war Misfit has been at war with Austin and the Diamond Club for sure. All these wars make me excited and this one has been intriguing for sure. Isn't much to say about Misfit well because he doesn't say much , hasn't spoken a word in years I barely know the guy but you know what they say "Got to always look out for the quiet ones.” However what I can tell you is what I have observed. Misfit is a silent killer. Him being so damn mysterious combined with his talent and intelligence is very dangerous. Misfit would be the one in a war to ghost everyone out and leave no trace of him ever being there. Austin however well he is the champ there is no doubt about that and he has the Diamond Club at his call. We all know Austin is the best and he has amazing ring IQ and talent but he also is extremely cocky. Who can blame him? He has been at the top a long time, but well we all saw him get shaken up a bit when he decided to mock Misfit and Misfit showed up and finally broke his silence sending shock waves across the VWE Universe and showing Austin who the real Misfit really is. I believe, if Misfit shows up to Beach Brawl in the World Heavyweight Championship match despite Austin and his Diamond Club being willing to break Misfit , Misfit is gonna ghost these guys out and take the title.

Falcon: First let me make it perfectly clear that I don't like Misfit, Especially after what he did to me recently. I'm a Diamond Club supporter. You see , for years we've seen the same thing happen to "Misfit" over and over and over again. He comes up, something tragic happens, back to square one. and guess who is ALWAYS in the way of that? Wanna take a gander? Austin Knight. Austin Knight is practically Misfit's Kryptonite. It's not just one or two times that Misfit has fallen off his steed against Austin. It's practically every time. You think this would turn Misfit insane at this point. He might be, he's repeating this process over and over and over again. This time, Misfit is taking on Austin Knight for the World Heavyweight Championship. But I don't think Misfit himself is really invested into the championship. Misfit right now has so much pent up aggression that it blinds him of his goal in front of him. This right here is going to be his downfall. And just like last time, and the time before and before, he's going to fall back to square one.

Beach Brawl is only a couple days away, the world will be watching as history and careers will be made. It all starts with night one on Thursday at 5 pm slt!

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