Becky Has Returned to VWE!

This week at Primetime, Becky returned. I had a chance to sit down with her after the show and get more insight about her return and her future at VWE.

Lizzie: During the video you shared with VWE, you talked of your work in the shelters. Tell me more about that.

Becky: Oh how I would love to! So.. I’ve always helped out with animal shelters, ever since I was old enough to work, I’d help out every Saturday at the local dog rescue and it just felt so warming to be with these furbabies who are confused at what’s happening, and showing them love and care, while helping them find their forever homes. That escalated over the years, I now own my own animal shelter, and my two best friends Brittany and Tiffany help me out there! It’s truly a magical place, you should come see it sometime! The past 7 months, I’ve actually delved into other kinds of community work, with Brittany and Tiffany having a handle on things at the animal shelter, I started baking for the homeless. It all began around Christmas, I helped at the soup kitchen, and met so many incredible people, with amazing stories. It made me realize I want to help people just as much as animals. So, I started visiting homeless shelters several times a week! I bake them all kinds of goodies, and give them care packages, which hold necessities, like food, toiletries & clothing, that kind of thing! It’s just so incredible to be able to give myself to the world, I truly have love for everyone and everything, and I just want to help as much as I can! I actually found a few of the homeless guys some jobs, and let them stay with me, until they were able to find somewhere to call their home, and a couple of those actually homed some of the dogs we have at the shelter once they got settled into their new lives! It’s such a magical touching moment when you see so much progress from people who deserve everything good! It makes me tear up just thinking about it, I love helping these communities!

Lizzie: How did it feel being in the ring again?

Becky: It felt wild, I never thought I’d see the day where I’d come back to VWE! When I was last here, I was the Radiance Champion, I unfortunately didn’t get to wrestle a final match to defend the title due to a blind attack that happened, which kept me in the hospital for a few days. So I never got that closure match, and recently, I was on vacation with my pets, and I realized, I could do it all! I have help with the animal shelter, I go to the homeless shelters a few times a week, and I had extra time on my hands! I’d been in a facetime with Night while on vacation, and he was updating me on everything that was happening in VWE, how awesome it is there right now, and how great the new owner is, so I decided when I got home from my vacation, I’d watch a few of the shows. It made me fall in love with wrestling all over again, and I made the decision to reapply to VWE after watching just one show! Being in the ring felt surreal though, I haven’t even wrestled a match again yet, hopefully that goes well when it happens! Haha, but just being there, being able to talk to everyone, was really incredible, and a feeling I have missed. Just being around the VWE universe, my second family, oh.. It was amazing, and I’m so happy to be back!

Lizzie: I noticed you wanted to have a fresh start with Rani. She sure didn't seem to want anything to do with your ideas. Do you have any words for Rani and her actions against you Tuesday?

Becky: I did want to have a fresh start with Rani, and.. I still do, I still believe people can change, I’ve reached out to her on Twitter to see if she wants to start fresh.. A lot of awful things happened last year, I’m not quite ready to bring up one of the things that happened, but I do need to move forward. I’d like to think that Rani was perhaps surprised at my return, and lashed out unwillingly, so to Rani, I say..Rani, I still want us to start over, let’s be friends? I’m not upset or hurt with what you did, it was a shock for you to see me returning, and you responded in what you deemed right at the time. I was hurt at first, but I understand why. Please, let’s start over!

Lizzie: What do you see happening next in VWE? Becky: That’s a big question, I don’t know what I see happening in VWE, but what I do know is, I just want everyone to be happy, and to keep having fun. That’s the most important thing about all of this, is that we’re all enjoying ourselves. Who knows, I heard of the tag team lotto, maybe my next adventures involve some tag team fun? I love teamwork after all! Haha, but I just want to see VWE thrive, and for everyone involved to be enjoying themselves!

Lizzie: Tell us more about Becky behind the scenes. Is she any different than who we see in the ring?

Becky: What you see is what you get, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I help out at shelters, I bake, I’m a cheerleader, a vegan, I give everyone hugs and I just love happiness! What you see in the ring, is what you’ll see backstage. The only difference is, I don’t wrestle someone behind the scenes! Haha.

Lizzie: Any last words or advice for the VWE and fans?Becky: The world can have dark moments, but always remember to be the bright light in the darkness. Our small contributions can change things in a big way. Stand up for what you believe in, and remember to tell someone you care about that you love them. Keep on keeping on, and as always, Love To All. Thank you so much for your time, Lizzie, I have some freshly baked cookies here, would you like one? Nice and warm out of the oven! Take care, readers! Love To All again! Byee! Missing you already! Byeee! P.S. Really sorry about that edit I did of my past 7 months, but hope you enjoy it! It’s really mediocre, but fun! Okay, now I’m done, byee! Miss you! Love you! Byeeeeee!

Lizzie: Thank you Becky for taking time to sit down with me and help our fans learn more about you! I won't keep more of your time. Keep on saving those animals and cheering!! Im sure the fans will agree they look forward to what happens for you next here at VWE.

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