Blackheart Legacy

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

At BeachBrawl we saw history as Ren Blackheart after Ten long years of climbing the mountain was able to do what he was set out to do, make history. We saw him beat Skillex to put his name in history as the first VWE Legacy Champion. The world was buzzing about Ren finally cementing his name in history and we were able to get a quick interview with him.

Jenny: Thank you Mr. Blackheart for joining us after this historic two night BeachBrawl. First question, how does it feel making history?

Ren: I've been in VWE ever since it first started! The Greatest Feeling that one of the pillars of VWE has started a Legacy! i feel Great... I feel Accomplished!

Jenny: That is great to hear, was there any moment you felt you would fall short in that match?

Ren: honestly, yes! I lost faith in myself because of who i was... a failure but.......i remembered...i did it for a fallen friend! and i couldn't give up.

Jenny: So would you consider this fallen friend your inspiration that pushed you in the tournament?

Ren: Most Definitely! i wanted to give up, but i know HE WOULDN'T have let this happen!!! So I made a promise that I would Excel and Continue the Progress... for both of us!

Jenny: Out of the other iconic moments that happened at the show, which would you say stuck out to you?

Ren: THE FACT THAT I LITERALLY HAVE VWE GOLD AROUND MY WAIST! and I am Etched in history as the FIRST EVER VWE Legacy champion.

Jenny: Besides your match, which moment stood out to you the most either memorable or tragic?

Ren: Besides the Tiki Bar by the arena? Ha Ha! No! I would have to say.... being able to see where we all started from and here we are now! Ten LONG YEARS!!!! a Few of us.... doing what we love for a long time!!! and we came together.

Jenny: Many have to ask going back to earlier this year, with all the chaos going on why did you decide to return after a long absence the moment it seemed the spotlight would be only you?

Ren: Personal Demons! I had to fix my demons! Was going through a lot... and needed to fight back! but I needed to heal.

Jenny: Thank you Mr. Blackheart for your time. We hope you are able to pave a long way with being the first VWE Legacy Champion.

We also decided to go around the roster and ask members their thoughts on the history making moment not only for VWE but for Ren Blackheart.

Rachel: So you want to know my reaction, my inner thoughts on Ren Blackheart winning the big shiny brand new Legacy Championship Title. It's simple , Skillex didn't do what he should have done. I really don't think he did all he could do to win that title. Nonetheless Ren was clearly very well better prepared and was just that much more hungry for it and he is very much more experienced.

Skoll: It was an intense fight, but with most battles it always comes down to who wants it more. Sure strategy helps, but the sheer force of will is another major factor. Ren had that. Having been plagued with loss after loss, the only way he could go was up and look at him now. Well done. Well done indeed Blackheart.


Kittie: I have been friends with Ren for a very long time. It shows what a lot of heart and determination can do. He deserves becoming the Legacy Champion. These new guys need to take notice. If you want to get to the top, have the same heart and determination as Ren. Hard work pays off. Rock on Ren. You deserve this.

Wrex: It's well deserved, Ren has been working hard for years and now it's paid off for him. He has the heart of a warrior and he will be an honorable champion who represents the VWE well. Having faced off against him before, I know the VWE Legacy Championship is in good hands. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him and the Legacy title.

Maxine: You really want to know what I think? Ren already successfully disgraced that belt just by winning it. That idiot has been through a revolving door - in, out, in, out, in, out - as long as I've been around and he gets an opportunity to get in the record books as the inaugural champ? And you idiots said I had no right to have a chance at the Women's World Championship when I won it and you're all HAPPY about this? Fools.

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