Clash of The Societies

At BeachBrawl we will see The Misfit vs Austin Knight for the VWE World Heavyweight championship. A match some of former managements would say should never happen. This article we will be giving a side by side review of how these two made it up to this point. Both crossing paths more than once finally come to ahead.

Back during Overdrive, the world was shocked as the man everyone thought had power Rainbow Falcon fired The Misfit calling him unstable and seeming to end the career for Misfit in the VWE. During this time Austin Knight also shocked the world as he turned his back on Diamond Club’s newest member Nyle Nightfire costing him the world heavyweight title on purpose. Wouldn’t take long to show Austin’s true colors wanting to hold that title in Diamond Club himself instead of a team mate.

As the truth was revealed and Falcon had no power in the VWE, Diamond Club lead by Austin Knight went on charging against the VWE to try to take complete control of the VWE starting off with enlisting the assistance of, soon to be official member of Diamond Club, Dimitri Volkov and forming an alliance with Skillex promising him if he help they make sure he get a shot for the VWE World Heavyweight Championship. Shortly after Drake Edwards, another member that joined Diamond Club, issued an open challenge which Misfit appeared wanting to fight only for it to be revealed that it was a trap to bring Misfit out of hiding for Austin Knight to have a talk with him. Austin wanted to enlist The Misfit into the ranks of The Diamond Club in this seemingly Civil War within the VWE ranks. VWE, Team Pulse, and Diamond Club tried for weeks to enlist The Misfit knowing he would be a strong team mate during the final battles of this war. Come Versus the world watched as The Misfit appeared to side with team VWE and with Night’s help during the big triple team match eliminated Nitro Kyx, Bray, Adune (With Night’s help). During the final moments Dimitri sacrificed his spot in the match to inflict extra damage on Misfit for Skillex to come in and pick up the scraps, winning the match for Diamond Club. When Misfit came up short, he had to watch later that night as Austin Knight struck big, beating Michael Karsin and Nyle Nightfire in the main event capturing the VWE World Heavyweight Championship and Diamond Club with alliance members joining in the ring to celebrate.

The celebration for Diamond Club was short-lived as The New VWE Chairman, Seth Cameron, announced that at Proving Grounds there will be a triple threat match to determine Austin’s number one contender for Beach Brawl, Skillex vs Ren Blackheart vs The Misfit. Diamond Club, in the mist of helping Drake on his campaign to claim the US Title, attacked Wrex Ocelot and Ren Blackheart, their plans backfired. The Misfit appeared chasing off Austin and Drake but was able to send a statement to Diamond Club hitting Benja with his signature kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire and also hitting him with the mist. Austin had to watch as The Misfit was able to beat the odds against Ren and Skillex to claim his shot at Austin. It was finally set, Austin Knight had to fight The Misfit alone.

From this point, Austin Knight shot first with the following episode of VWE, The Misfit fought DImitri only to win by DQ with Austin striking him with the VWE World Title, causing The Misfit to bleed, a rare sight to many. The following week as Austin Dimitri and Drake attacked Wrex after Austin came up short to Wrex only for The Misfit to appear and chase them off. Austin up to this point making sure The Misfit couldn’t get his hands on him. Austin was to announce he was tired of Misfit stalking him and wanted to end it on an episode of Edge calling out the Misfit. As The Misfit made his signature entrance through the crowd, he was met with an ambush from Drake Edwards, taking a Dragon Rising to the back of the head. Dimitri and Benja, who was wielding a sledgehammer, joined Drake and Austin in the ring as they surrounded the downed Misfit. Benja struck The Misfit in the leg with the sledgehammer three times while Austin talked him down, Dimitri followed up with a bear hug making sure The Misfit was trapped and unable to defend himself as Benja struck The Misfit in the back with the hammer furthering the damage caused. Wrex Ocelot ran out chasing the team away but damage was done, Wrex had to help a barely standing Misfit to the back. The world watched the following week as “The Misfit” appeared only to be Austin Knight dressed up as The Misfit down to his face paint. He taunted The Misfit because of being injured and that he will now have to give up his BeachBrawl chance. The world roared as The real Misfit came walking down the ring with a limp. He entered the ring leading to a quick attack hitting Austin with his red mist followed by The Rouge Elbow, this being the first time Misfit was able to lay his hands on Austin. The world was in shock seeing Misfit lean down to pick up the mic and speak for the first time in a year and eight months stating, “You are the virus infecting this roster… We are the cure… See you at BeachBrawl.” He dropped the mic on Austin’s body as the crowd erupted showing their support in The Misfit.

Tonight these two men meet in the ring, to sign the contract and make this match official for BeachBrawl. Will The Misfit be able to overcome his injuries caused by Diamond Club’s ranks or will Austin Knight be able to silence The Misfit and the momentum behind him? Time will tell as BeachBrawl is right around the corner. Austin Knight vs The Misfit, VWE World Heavyweight Champion on the line.

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