Drake Edwards: Men's ER Winner

Lizzie: You have had an interesting year this past year. Did you expect to be the Men's ER winner?

Drake: Interesting is one way you could describe it. I was finally given real opportunities. Since WrestleSeries 11, I have been on a major roll. I won The United States Championship (now National ) I am now a three time National Championship tied for the most reigns of all time. I won the Tag Team Championship at Beachbrawl, making me a member of the triple crown club. This year has been the most successful year of my career. Did I expect to win the men's Elimination Royale? Hell yes I did.

Lizzie: What thoughts went through your head as you tossed Austin over?

Drake: Did you even watch Elimination Royale? I did not toss out Austin Knight, I hit the Dragon Rising right in his face, sending him over the top rope. If you are going to continue in journalism, get your facts right before asking stupid questions. What went through my mind? Easy Austin turned his back on me, when he eliminated whatever loser was in the final three. He turned around... and boom bye bye Austin. I saw another opportunity and I seized it.

Lizzie: What do you see for you as Wrestleseries gets closer?

Drake: I intend to make this the best year of not only my career but all time. I have already accomplished the National and Tag Team Championships. I have won Elimination Royale. I will win the greatest prize in this business, the VWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Lizzie:You had some strong words for Misfit. Anything more you want to add?

Drake: The Misfit has suffered an identity crisis. The Misfit used to mean something, Now he is nothing more then an ass kissing, makeup wearing, wannabe fast food mascot. He is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment. I intend to not only bring back pride, class and prestige to the VWE World Heavyweight, but end The Misfit once and for all.

Lizzie: Any last words?

Drake: You ain't seen nothing yet, I am just getting warmed up.

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