Edge Recap

The night started off with the Women’s Champion Viola coming out, saying some harsh words about Kittie Lovencraft. She then said why wait until Beach Brawl and challenged her to a championship match tonight.

Kittie came out, said no one tells her what to do, she would kick Viola’s ass and it was her night to take the VWE Women's World Championship back.

The first match of the evening, the fun loving skateboarder Morgan Jones teamed up with the gamer Rhys Tucker, taking on the VWE Tag Team Champions, Bray and Vince Easterwood.

The action was fast and furious at times. The challengers had the champions on their respective heels most of the match. The tide turned after Bray hit Rhys with an eye rake, then a nasty discus clothesline. This allowed Bray to tag in the fresher Vince where they hit a combination missile dropkick, suplex combo on Rhys for a two count!

Vince got Rhys in his Fujiwara armbar which looked like the end for Rhys. However Rhys was able to fight back, and both men tagged in their respective partners.

Morgan showed off his speed and athleticism as he rocked Bray and almost got the pin. Bray hit a superkick to the knee then one to the side of head, almost picking up the win. Later Morgan, took advantage of Bray accidentally hitting Vince, and hit a beautiful 630 senton. Which Vince broke up just in time. Vince got the tag, and hit the Bear The Cross to retain the Tag Team Championships.

Michael comes out and says he wants a fight and wants someone to indulge him. Night answered the call, which Michael wanted nothing to do with.

Night responded in such a strong manner words can not adequately describe it. Lets just say he brought the fire! If you were not in attendance you missed what could be called a truth bomb.

Once both were in the ring, Michael pushed Victor twice then hit the ref with the nomad kick.

Our next match had Sass taking on Maxine who started off with a huge slap to Sass. Every time Maxine had momentum, Sass kept fighting back. Several near falls for both women. In the end Maxine caught Sass in a submission.

She called Drake into the ring with his title. She told Sass “You think you deserve to hold one of these? Well this is the closest you’re coming to one of these ever again” Somehow Sass was able to hip toss Maxine into the belt, and bolted the ring.

Maxine was pissed at Drake. Drake said he did exactly what she asked… and besides she won so what was the problem? Claims his attitude and bull…. Drake called her "miss" identity crisis every three months. In the end he said he had enough of her shit and walked off. Maxine said Drake could go (Censored) himself. Drake responded you wish, and walked out.

Benja came out next and talked about how unlike Hammer he is not a keyboard warrior. He vowed to expose Hammer for the fraud he was.

Ren and Tremor met in a VWE Legacy Championship Tournament Qualifier Match.

There is a big size difference between these two. Tremor had the advantage in the earlier portions of the match. Ren fought back with some offense, but was stopped by a corner exploder. Momentum went back and forth several times before Ren was able to put away Tremor with the Uncle Ruckus

Brakman Wylder came out, hi my name is Brak! Says he is tired of bad people getting away with doing bad things. This brought out God. Brak took people down memory lane about people believing. Cody claims no one believed in him until he changed to God. This led to a challenge for a match next week.

Finally the Main Event for the VWE Women's World Championship. So much was on the line, as these two locked up. The beginning had a feeling out process, with several counters, dodges or reverses. Dimitri attempted to cause a distraction as Viola tried to sneak in but was hit with a Lou Thez Press. Kittie had momentum until Viola kicked Kittie in the knee then hit her with a flying lariat.

Shortly after, Dimitri tried to distract again as Viola tried to walk out of the match. Kittie went out and got her back in the ring. Viola eventually took control targeting the legs and arms of Kittie. No matter what she hit Kittie with, she could not put her away.

Later Viola went to put in the figure four, but Kittie pushed off, and caught Viola in a wheel barrel flatliner. Viola attempted a yakuza kick but Kittie dodged it but got hit with the Vindication. Viola climbed the ropes and Went for elbow drop and kittie dodged. Kittie went in for a pin only two!

Kittie went for her finisher, Viola dodged then hit the Virtuous ending… only two! These two women are fighting ruthlessly! Out of nowhere Kittie hit her finisher but collapsed to the mat. Dimitri handed a bat to Viola, who hit Kittie with the bat right in the knee. Causing a DQ. After the match Viola had the figure four into the figure out. Scion came to the ring and cleared it, but the damage has been done. Scion carried Kittie to the back. Is this the end of Kittie Lovencraft career?

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