EDGE RECAP 07/17/2020

After a two week break from BeachBrawl, VWE returned with a huge show on Edge We start the show with the a visit of the Diamond Club. All members were clad in gold as Austin Knight and Viola Beaumont retained the VWE World Heavyweight Championship and Women's World Championship respectfully. And although Drake Edwards lost the Men's National Championship, he gained the Tag Team Championships along with Dimitri Volkov. Austin Knight gloated about the fact they almost have all the championships, again berated the fans for being wrong that he would lose to the Misfit. Just as he and Diamond Club was about to leave, the new National Champion Wrex Ocelot came down to the ring and confronted them. Wrex decided to challenge Drake and Dimitri to a match later on that night for the Tag Team Championships. However Drake pointed out that Wrex's tag team partner Marcy Schafer is out of action due a concussion. Drake also accepted Wrex's challenge provided he find a tag team partner.

Our first match of evening had The VWE Legacy Champion Ren Blackheart defending against Morgan Jones. This is Ren's first title defense since winning the Legacy Championship in the tournament finals at Beach Brawl. Morgan showed some of his unorthodox style of wrestling while Ren was showing us why he is the Legacy Champion. Just as Morgan was about to end it with the Yoshi Tonic, Ren was able to reverse it into a pinfall of his own and was able to retain the championship.After the match, former VWE World Heavyweight Champion Nyle Nightfire came down to the ring to congratulate and also to challenge him for the Legacy Championship. Ren accepted his challenge. Hopefully we will see that match in the near future.

Next “The Star” Christina Krovac came down to the ring for the Star Return Celebration and to address why she had returned to VWE. She explained that the VWE was like the Titanic sinking and she came back believing that she is going to dominate the women's division once again. Of course one person had to disagree and that is the VWE Women's Champion Viola Beaumont. She came down to the ring to confront her nemesis. After some heated words exchanged, Viola told Christina to have a seat and watch a real legend in action.

And with that our next match was Viola going up against Jadzia Thruxton. Viola wanted to show Christina just how dangerous she can be by making an example out of Jadzia. Although Viola was getting the upper hand in the match Jadzia fired back with a series of offense against the champion. However towards the end of the match Voila was able to lock in the figure 8 submission. Point madeNext up the Great Sajith introduced the VWE Women's National Champion, Rani Patel who won the title at Beach Brawl Women's Battle Royal. She explains that while filming a Bollywood movie she gets a text from the VWE Chairman stating that she will face Becky at Edge and if she didn't show up then Becky would be the Women's National Champion. However Rani showed up but Becky was nowhere to be found. So there was no title match that night and Rani and The Great Sajith left.

Our next match was Lyndsey Lydia against a mystery opponent. That mystery opponent was none other than the former PULSE Women's Champion Heiress Islay making her Main Roster debut. Lyndsey wasn't too impressed with the newcomer, but Heiress was able to show her what she is made of. The action then went outside of the ring where Heiress rammed Lyndsey into the steel steps and got a win via count out. Heiress then introduced herself to the VWE Grid. She believes that she has already risen to the top and will take out anyone by any means necessary.

With Falcon leaving the commentary table to go backstage, we were surprised to see the return of the Gold Rope Award Winning Commentator of the year Johnny LaMonico joining Natas Grimore and Diesel. Next Match we had the return of Malik taking on Bray. It was an even match, however Malik did a little too much showboating and pandering to the crowd which gave Bray an opportunity to take advantage. After some many near falls attempts from both men, Malik tried to finish off Bray with a Superkick only for Bray to gain some momentum to hit a Superkick of his own and then finished Malik off with the Falcon Arrow. Just then after the match “God” Cody Houley came into the ring and everyone thought he was going to attack Bray. Instead he just clapped and said “Good Job, see you next week” and walked off leaving everyone including Bray confused.

Next we had Scion come down to the ring. Scion is looking for disciples to join him, and asked for anyone in the back on who will join him. Just then Razar Diesel came down to the ring to confront Scion. Razar would ask why join Scion and he pointed out Razar's career since losing the Extreme Championship and that it was all downhill. Scion gave Razar the proposition and Razar accepted his offer. So now Scion has his first disciple in Razar Diesel

Next match we had former VWE World Heavyweight Champion “The Last Karsin Standing” Michael Karsin going up against Local Talent Bojangles Fried. Michael believed this was going to be a quick match and had the upper hand in the beginning, but he underestimated Bojangles. He was able to get a bit of offense against the former champion. However it didn't last long as Micheal hit the Judas Effect for the win. After the match Michael asked for a microphone and talked about his match at Beach Brawl stating that he doesn't like change and blames Seth Cameron for what happened at Beach Brawl. Michael called out the owner and chairman of the VWE and Seth came out in a wheelchair. Michael did ask Seth why the landscape has changed. Seth talked about their history together. Seth believes that change is necessary for the VWE to grow and Michael couldn't handle that. Seth finished with insulting Michael calling him a pompous, arrogant, egotistical, has been. And with that Michael slapped Seth in the face. Michael continued to slap and insult Seth. While Michael was gloating Seth stood up from his wheelchair and started to attack Michael. Michael tried his best to escape but Seth able to lay him out with the Defining Moment. Seth then announced that at the next FPV Dead End it will be Michael Karsin against Seth Cameron.

In the Main Event, The Diamond Club (Drake Edwards and Dimitri Volkov) as stated earlier that night would defend the VWE Tag Team Championships against Wrex Ocelot and a mystery partner. Everyone was wondering who would be Wrex's tag team partner. All were shocked when Indy Club's music hit and he partner was none other than Captain Carnage, Hammer. Indy Club returned to face Diamond Club. Wrex and Hammer didn't miss a step when taking on Drake and Dimitri. However the champions were not going down. They would do whatever it takes to retain the titles. Towards the middle of the match Wrex hit the Wrex Effect on Drake in the outside leaving Dimitri to face both men by himself. Most of the offense went to Indy Club as they were able to isolate Dimitri from Drake. However Drake able to come back to even the odds. Towards the end it looks like we would have new tag team champions when Wrex hit the Wrex Effect on Dimitri. However Drake hit the Dragon Rising to Wrex which prompted Hammer to come and hit Drake with the Naildriver and finished him off with the Sledge hammer. Wrex once again hit Dimitri with the Wrex Effect before tagging in Hammer and Hammer hit Blunt Force Trauma and pined the Russian for the win. And just like that we have new VWE Tag Team Champions in the Indy Club.

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