Edge Recap 6/5

Austin Knight kicked off the show coming down to the ring. He said no reason to wait until Beach Brawl and called out the Misfit for a title match right here right now. The Misfit made his way down and just before he jumped the barricade, someone superkicked him from behind. This individual turned out to be Drake Edwards in disguise! Austin called out Benja who hit a finisher then hit the Misfit several times with Hammer’s sledge hammer. Dimitiri put Misfit in a bear hug.Wrex Ocelot had enough and charged the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat making the save.

In our first match of the evening, Michael wasted no time and had his way with the local talent. He got him in the corner with a corner choke and refused to let go. Micahel lost via dq but after the match he turned his attention to the referee attacking without mercy. Night came out, and Michael ran from the ring. Night helped Victor to his feet and to the back.

Our second match up featured Lyndsey Lydia taking on The Red Nightmare Samantha Foxy. Before the bell even ran Samantha hit a yakuza kick and choked Lyndsey in the corner. Lyndsey had some offense but this was pretty much nothing but pure rage from the Red Nightmare.

After the match Samantha got on the microphone expressing her pity for Lyra Phoenix and how she has fallen. Lyra ran down and Samantha booked. Lyra claimed she is still the Fire Bird!

Our next was Brakman vs Cody, Brak was in the ring, God’s music hit but he did not show up. Natas got a twitter message from God saying he was at Brak’s house.

Security footage showed Brakman get into his car to race to his house.. But Brakman got t-boned by a car in the garage, the driver, God..

The next match of the evening had Morgan Jones against VWE National Champion Drake Edwards. Morgan kept things fast in the beginning of the match. One highlight was Morgan laid down in the ring after doing a backroll dodge over Drake! Drake was incensed, ran at Morgan and ate canvas thanks to a well timed drop toe hold.

Morgan even had some fun at Drake’s expense, hiding behind him and poking him in the back. In the end, Benja had a few well timed moments of interference, that Drake was able to take advantage of, hitting Morgan with the Dragon Rising for the win.

The next match had Ren Blackheart taking on the VWE World Heavyweight Champion Austin Knight in a non title match. Ren came out like a house of fire rocking Austin including a well connected step up Enzurgi for a two count

Benja made his presence known and Austin was eventually able to turn the tide with a Side Slam backbreaker and a power bomb! Austin then went up and hit the hail to the king earning a two count. Austin went back to the turnbuckle and went for a flying double axhandle but it was countered by a Cyclone kick.

Later Ren hit the Dreamland drive but Austin was able to kick out! Ren followed with the BAMN (by any means necessary, but austin slid out of ring Ren dives and takes out both Austin and Benja

Both men get back in the ring, but Ren runs into a standing shining knight diamond edge knightfall three count

Hammer next came out went back passed out cash to crowd for his “fine” Said Benja is a clown and its about get to get Effing serious, Saying Benja would Tap you nap or get clapped

Next we were greeted by Scion and Kittie Lovencraft who walked down in crutches. Kittie has not been medically cleared, and will miss Beach Brawl.

Finally in our main event the VWE Tag Team Chamionships were on the line as Bray and Vince Easterwood defended against the Neon Warriors.

Sass and Vince started match, Sass had a lot of offense, Vince was able to counter, and got Sass in the crossface, got to ropes, tagged Bray

Sass tags Wrex Wrex house of fire goes for flying lariat, bray catches him in a suplex, takes momentum, rolling elbow 2 count. Discus clothesline tag vince Wrex back advantage Sweep the leg two count tag Sass monkey flip into a code breaker. Two count.

Vince begins to works Sass arm, diving arm drag two count, tag Bray. Sass and Bray went back and forth. Bray went to tag Vince, vince dropped to the floor, Sass tag Wrex behind bray begin to brawl, bray hit flying crossbody got two. Bray went for flying lariat counted power slam

Wrex taking inspiration from an 80’s movie, went into the fanous crane pose! Was it going to be a kick? Nope as he delivered a crane style ddt! One Two…. Bray kicked out! Wrex tagged in Sass, hit the ultra driver. Thats it! New VWE Tag Champions the Neon Warriors!

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