Falcon – Interview with New GM of VWE and self-proclaimed GM of the Year

Paul: This is Paul Henry Wilkins and I am here with newly appointed General Manager of both Primetime and Edge, the man who calls himself Papi Penguino, Falcon, How are you doing today Falcon?

Falcon: Paul-e, first of all you need to introduce me to the people properly.... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT IS I, The man with ALL the plans, The Captain of Primetime and EDGE, The #LifetimeGMoftheYear, Papi Penguino, This is Falcon!!!

See that's how you introduce me.

Anyway Paul I'm doing great, Fantastic, simply amazed by the best decision CEO Seth Cameron could've made. Now before you even question me about this, I do wish Kara Cameron the best of luck to wherever she is taking her skill sets. That aside, you can expect me to call EVERYTHING as fair as I can! Trust me!

Paul: Well the announcement was made on Friday's Edge about Kara Cameron stepping down and you getting the job, Did you think it was going to happened or was it a completely shock for you?

Falcon: Ok Look look look, Nothing can surprise Papi. That being said, it was surprising that Kara was stepping down but I FULLY EXPECTED TO BE CALLED UP AS THE GM OF BOTH PRIMETIME AND EDGE

Paul: Do you believe the board of Directors made the right decision in making you General Manager of VWE so to speak?

Falcon: THE BOARD, CEO, THE JANITOR, VICTOR JR, WHO CARES WHO MADE THE DECISION! They made the best call for the Future of VWE. I've ran PULSE, I run Primetime, and now I run EDGE. DUDE, I'm the new #TripleCrownGM of VWE. The Trifecta is complete! I am unchangeable man! It doesn't matter if it was the right decision or wrong decision, What matters is that the decision was made for ME, Your #LifetimeGMoftheYear to establish a dominant foothold as the GM of VWE.

Paul: Well I can say this, you really don't have a lot of friends in the VWE and not a lot of people respect you, need I remind you taking down by Victor Jr. at Beach Brawl. In your new position how do you think you are going to earn the respect of the VWE? How will they know to trust you?

Falcon: Friends? Look, I do have friends, a ton of friend, friends in many many HIGH places. Just look at Michael Karsin, We both see eye to eye and respect one another. Just look at Loody Graves, we both have shared opinions. Just look at the Diamond Club, They know how good of a guy I am!

I have earned respect from most of the VWE roster, and to those that don't respect me yet they will learn to respect me!

Paul: Ok, Do you have any ideas on how to make the VWE much better for the VWE Grid and for the wrestlers themselves? Will you be planning on making any improvements to the product?

Falcon: You're starting to overstep your boundary of questions Pal-E, That's something for me to know and for people like you to find out.... later...

OH WILL YOU LOOK AT THE TIME, I got a busy schedule ahead of me. I got a meeting to get to, nice chatting with you and for god sakes get a hair cut.

Paul: Well, Thank you for your time and good luck on your new position

Falcon: yeah whatevs.

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