Godless No More

At Proving Grounds, “The Beard” Brakman Wylder won an extremely hard hitting match vs. Dimitri that saw a vital save by Captain Carnage as well as the return of four time VWE Heavyweight Champion, Cody Houley, more commonly called God. On this evening, just after Brakman dragged his battered body to Dimitri and got an arm limply across him for the win, the Chairman Seth Cameron appeared and informed Brakman that his challenge was not against Dimitri, but the returning God. God immediately strode to the ring, shouted at Brakman that he was the cause of every bad thing in God’s life and kicked him in the head. Afterwards, he proceeded to decimate the already exhausted Brakman culminating in a piledriver through the announce table. I caught up with God after this arrival and had a conversation with the living deity.

Haru: Hey! Thanks for giving me a moment. Jumping right in here… What made you return to the VWE?

God: While I’ve been gone, I sat in heaven, contemplating what went wrong for me and it finally clicked. VWE is my home. VWE is where it all started for me and where I’ve had all of my success; I shouldn’t be anywhere else other than here. I left because I was in a slump and now I’ve figured out how to finally end that slump and show everyone why I am the greatest wrestler to ever set foot in the VWE. I’m the GOAT, I’m God, and I’m back to prove it.

H: Speaking of you being back, in your return you attacked Brakman Wylder… why is that?

G: To finally end my slump. My last run in the VWE, I was in the form of my life; win after win after win. I couldn’t lose, I forgot what losing felt like… Until the King of The Arena Tournament happened. I won in Rounds 1 and 2, but I met Brakman in the Semifinals. He beat me and went on to the finals, where I should have won. For nine long years, I have envisioned wrestling Brakman. When I first joined, he was at the top of his game. We never wrestled, but everyone knew that was the match that had to happen at one point and when it finally did, and I lost, that killed all of my momentum. I couldn’t win anything after that. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me at the time, so I left. I needed to leave and go back to heaven to sit with my family, my angels. And I realized that I had to take him out. It was nothing personal, I just needed to get back to the top and he was in my way. Without Brakman Wylder in my way, God can flourish.

H: Besides Brakman, is there anyone else that you are targeting?

G: Right now,all of my focus is on Brakman Wylder. I can’t focus on anything else while he’s in the picture. I need to beat him, I need to end him. And once that’s done, everyone on the roster should watch out. I’ve been desperate to climb that mountain ever since I lost my fourth World Title, and all that’s in my way to the top is Brakman. I promise you, I will do everything in my power to destroy him, and once I’m done, no one will ever see the name Brakman Wylder again.

H: Well with that goal in mind, what can we expect from God in this return to the VWE?

G: To once again prove to the VWE Grid that I am their wonderful God. I promise I will take care of them all, I promise they will all have a nice and I promise they will see God flourish like God has never flourished before. I will win titles, and I will outshine every single person that steps in the ring with me like I once did. If people thought that 2016 was my best year in the VWE, they have another thing coming. God is just getting started.

With that, the conversation ended. What I saw was a man determined to conquer his objective. With the brutality that he displayed at Proving Grounds, God very well may do just what he says that he will do. Will God finally end Brakman Wylder, or will Brakman prove that he is still a legend in this industry? Only time will tell.

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