History of Elimination Royale

Elimination Royal, one of the biggest events of VWE history. Each one is full of surprises, heartbreaks, and hopeful moments. Derrick Cult, The Great One, holds the record for the most Elimination Royal wins, while people like Misfit hold the record for lasting longest in Elimination Royal without winning. There are many moments in Elimination Royal history that people enjoy, so we decided to ask a few people around the roster for their favorite moments in Elimination Royal.

Becky: OH MY GODDD! HI AGAIN! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR HAVING ME BACK HERE FOR THIS!!!! My favorite ER History moment? OH MY GOODNESS! There are so many!!!!! But.. I'm going to have to say.. my favorite moment is when Brakman entered at #1 in the ER, AND went on to win! That was wild!!!

Loody Graves: Well that's very simple. It was the very first ER. I was lucky enough and got the number 30 spot. It was new. No one had done a match like that before. 30 VWE Superstars, one shot at the championship at WrestleSeries 2. I came in as Nr 30, i also gained weight in favor of getting too heavy to be thrown over the top rope. Little did I know that Derrick Cult put me in such a hard stunner that it slung me over the top rope eliminating me. The fans went apeshit. I was not happy that night but I still went on to Main Event WrestleSeries2 as the VWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Natas Grimore: my Favorite moment in ER history? Well hell playa that had to be when I had my first ER in ring experience. I mean lets be honest it was the foreshadowing of what I became today you feel me?

Morgan: One moment that stands out to me is the first time Isabelle Martinez entered the Royal to go after the men’s world heavyweight title.

Night: My ACTUAL favorite Elimination Royale memory was the 2018 Royale when we hit over 100 people at Empire City. On a night of so many legendary returns to the ER heading towards the biggest Wrestleseries ever, the moment was only further cemented by being over a capacity crowd. A feat only ever seen once before on the grid.

Falcon: Of course my FAVORITE Elimination Royale moment was when I entered the royale and tossed out that doofus of a GM Stan Murdoch! There can only be ONE #GMoftheYear

Kittie Lovencraft: Now, if I was to think of personal experiences, I know there was a year that the Misfit had the longest time in Elimination Royale. I believe that year was the year I was the longest female as well. That was the first Elimination Royale I was a part of and was not immediately eliminated.

Brakman: Being there for the first ever Elimination Royale, and seeing the mass of humanity enter the ring for the first ever match of this scale in SL wrestling history.

Bryce Ketterley: One moment that stands out is when Maxine won Elimination Royal and then went on to achieve something that dodged her for ten years the women’s world title. Those moments show true dedication to reach the top of the mountain.

Many great moments and this year should be the same with holding great memories. This Friday we will see history happen again as we hold Elimination Royal!

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