Interview with Austin Knight

Lizzie: Elimination Royale is less than a week away, what are your thoughts on who you will be facing at Elimination Royale?

Austin: To be fair , it doesn't matter who I will be facing at Elimination Royale. I can beat anyone in that backstage. So he can pick who ever he wants and I'm ready for the challenge.

Lizzie: The road for you up to Elimination Royale has had some surprises. What are your thoughts regarding everything you have endured?

Austin: I will admit that the road has been a bumpy one with the tensions between Drake and myself. I expected a lot better from him when I asked him to join when I will not let his failures derail Diamond Club or myself.

Lizzie: Are you concerned of not having much notice about who you are facing?

Austin: you see for other people this might be an obstacle but I have beaten everyone worth beating. So I head into this match ready to put this person in the hospital bed next to Night and Misfit.

Lizzie: Why they need to put your opponents in the hospital beds?

Austin: Because I'm tired of people who continue to test my nerves. If they're too dumb to listen then my actions will grind it into their skulls.

Lizzie: What is your thoughts regarding Seth Cameron's choice in this match?

Austin: I cannot say that I am really surprised by it. Since day one he's been trying to control Diamond club and myself but time and again we've shown we are in control. So if he goes into this thinking this mystery person will help mend his ego than he is sorely mistaken.

Lizzie: Why do you think you will leave Elimination Royale still champion?

Austin: I think I will leave Elimination Royale still champion because quite frankly I'm the best damn wrestler of this roster whether anyone back there wants to admit it.

Lizzie: Lastly, who do you think will win Elimination Royale?

Austin: the thing is there's one man I want to win this. Among all those degenerates back in the locker room is a man I have been waiting to step in between those ropes with and his name is Brakman Wylder. Among all those wannabes he stands as a legend of the highest caliber and He has shown that he still has it when he beat Cody at Beach Brawl. So defeating him at Wrestleseries would cement my legacy as the greatest world champion on this grid.

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