Interview with KOTA Finalists

This week I had an opportunity to sit down with the the finalists for Queen of the Arena. Here are some of their final thoughts before the QOTA matches on Friday.

Lizzie: Tell me about your journey leading to KOTA this Friday.

Hammer: My journey isn't finished. Body after body are gonna drop until I take my rightful place as King of the Arena. Its not a matter of "if" but "who" I'm going to bulldoze my way through along the way.

Ren: My Journey wasn't an easy one... this is the FIRST TIME i ever made it this far in KOTA in my 10 years of Wrestling in VWE!! I'm motivated... no distraction... no foolishness!!! Its just me overcoming every obstacle!!! Friend or Foe... I'm going to do what i can to Make an Impact!!!

Scion:My Journey started against one of my disciples, Crisis. I demanded he forfeit the match but he chose to fight me so I had to prove to him exactly why he follows me, and not the other way around. Tonight, I face Tremor. I don't think he likes me, something about his infatuation with Danni, BLAH BLAH BLAH...I'll send him home, and maybe Danni can help dress his wounds...Then, on to face either Hammer or Ren in the King of the Arena Ladder Match....Oh yes and Night has managed to slip his way into that match as well...Maybe someone else is making deals, because I swear he was eliminated from the tournament by a stipulation of his match with Wrex. No matter though, after last Friday I'm sure I'm the last person he will want to stand across the ring from.

Lizzie: Who do you think will become King/Queen of the Arena?

Hammer: I'm the Future for a reason... this is but a step on the path to ascend to where I belong.

Ren: Honestly? it's a tossup, But i intend to make sure i win!!!

Scion: For King I choose Myself of course. I am already a King in Hell so why not be one here in VWE as well. As far as Queen, there are a lot of qualified contenders, but I will have to put my money on Maxine.

Lizzie: Why?

Ren: Because Its simple!!! there Can only be one.... And it will be me!!!

Scion: So we can have The Unholy Alliance make a clean sweep of the tournament of course.

Lizzie: Any last words?

Hammer: This Friday you will all have no choice but to witness my greatness.

Ren: As a Matter Of Fact.... I do.... Come KOTA... Ren Blackheart Will SHOCK THE GRID!! MARK.... MY... WORDS

Scion: regardless of who wins or loses, I'm still The Devil... Tonight there will be an abundance of sins happening, Greed, Pride, Wrath...Three of the best sins to feed off of...

Unfortunately, Tremor or Night will not available for this interview. Good luck tonight everyone!

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