Interview with QOTA Finalists

This week I had an opportunity to sit down with the the finalists for Queen of the Arena. Here are some of their final thoughts before the QOTA matches on Friday.

Lizzie: Tell me about your journey leading to KOTA this Friday.

Anarchy: well first Heiress through me a surprise so I kicked her in the face and the that new girl Sophia wanted to play so I kicked her in the face and now "Bad Breath" is talking shit so I'm gonna kick her in the face too

Maxine: Simple, I was in the process of destroying that little wretch, Danni and that marshmallow that follows her like she's something special and this tournament came up. So I simply used it as a means of making her life miserable. Granted, I lost the National Championship to her in the process, but as everything Lord Scion plans, there is a bigger prize at stake, the QOTA contract and eventually the Women's World title. Begrudgingly, I must give a word of thanks to the little twit. Had she not taken the title from me, I wouldn't be as focused as I am to win this tournament so keep your little bauble, while I win the real prize.

BadKat: Do you not pay attention? If you think I'm going to tell you, you must be dumber than I thought. All you need to know is I'm undefeated since my return.

Lyra: First thing, This is my first participating in the QOTA tournament. I've heard and seen that many first timers have gone to win the whole KOTA tournament. This year I can guarantee will be no different as I become the Queen of the Arena.

Lizzie: Who do you think will become King/Queen of the Arena?

Anarchy: me

Maxine: Must you always ask asinine questions? It will be Lord Scion and myself with the contracts in hand.

BadKat: I will be a 2 time Queen of the Arena Winner. Don't be so ignorant.

Lyra: My confidence has been challenged and so far has not gone unshaken. Tracy Stollings, A 15 year vet whom has been rising and has gone unchallenged was challenged by me, and I won. She was my biggest obstacle in my tournament and now I move onto face off against Maxine. Maxine and me have gone toe to toe many times. Often enough we come out even. I know her style and she knows mine. It's been a while since we've faced one another. At KOTA, I will beat her, beat whomever is next and become the Queen of the Arena.

Lizzie: Why?

Anarchy: I' .faaaace

Maxine: It's simply what must be. To the worthy, the spoils. I hardly think anyone can argue that Scion and I are the obvious victors in this... scuffle.

BadKat: Cause I know how to win and don't back down. Now go away. I have a band to practice with and match to prepare for.

Lizzie: Any last words?

Anarchy: Girl, I don't know if you heard the face kicking parts of the conversation but see you soon

Maxine: And give away all my secrets? Surely you jest! Just beware as the venom already courses through all of your veins and the paranoia of never knowing when I will strike will make your blood run cold.

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