Interview With the Devil

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

One Star that has been an interesting figure since he showed up later this year against Vince Easterwood is The Devil Incarnate, Scion. We were lucky to have him come and sit with us talk about himself and his recent actions.

Jenny: We are happy you agreed to sit down. It seems a lot of eyes have been watching your performance since appearing on the scene. First thing is first, we saw as of late people and deals with you, why make deals with enemies on the roster?

Scion: Thank you for interviewing me. Well the answer to your question is simple really. I'm the Devil. I don't have enemies on the roster. All of you poor misguided creatures need to find purpose in your lives. I merely offer my insights and expertise to help you find what makes you happy. Speaking of which, tell me. What is it you truly desire?

Jenny: What I desire isn't what we are focusing on here, Mr. Scion. What if the "misguided" refuse your offers?

Scion: The idea that someone will refuse to be happy boggles the mind. I merely offer it up to be taken, what they do with my offer is up to them. Contrary to what people might think. I've never forced anyone to do anything. Stories of The Devil made me do it are widely misreported or flat out lies.

Jenny: Speaking of them having the choice, on Edge we saw Razar Diesel take your offer. You called him a disciple afterwards, like you recruited him. Are you planning on recruiting more or going by the stories of the devil and just give them what they want so much?

Scion: I am seeking disciples. Mister Diesel is the first and won't be the last, to be sure. as for the reason i need disciples..Those reasons are my own, but shall be revealed in due time.

Jenny: Interesting, with your recent events at BeachBrawl how can you explain all that you were part of?

Scion: That was all a part of the plan to draw out the violence in Mr Banza. He's pretending to be something he's not. His happiness comes from the level of violence and hate he gets to express. In order to get him to realize that fact. I had to bring my level of violence and pain to a new level. I tortured souls for millennia, one night is nothing in comparison.

Jenny: Who else among the rosters do you see could be great disciples for your cause?

Scion: I have a select group of individuals I'm looking at, but you'll just have to wait and see…

Jenny: Are you concerned that there may be some on the roster that will try to stop your recruitment of disciples?

Scion: Concerned? Nothing concerns me. I will do what I want, when I want and when the consequences of my actions present themselves they are dealt with accordingly.

Jenny: Last question do you have any last words to the roster coming from the devil himself?

Scion: To the rest of the roster, I say this. Whether you are a champion or not. I'm always up for making a deal, in person or through your thoughts and actions. When you pray to god. your prayers fall on deaf ears, but I am always listening. Just remember The Devil always gets his due…

Jenny: Thank you Scion for your time. Hopefully your deal making proves successful for your future.

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