Interview with The Legend: "The Gavel" Adune Snowpaw

BY: Lizzie Loo

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Adune after his debut at VWE.

What was going through your head when you put the roster on notice?

Adune: Basically things I should have said long ago. I know I'm one of the 'old men' here now and yet I don't hold that against me anymore. Seeing how the roster has been these past few years, Well simply sat on their laurels. I want them to know that the same old shit isn't going to do anymore. They're going to have to learn their craft and learn it well. Like me or hate me, I don't give a damn. But one thing people can't deny with a straight face, Is that I put asses on seats. It's time the others start doing the same.

What do you see happening next for you?

Adune: Simply put, I don't know I'm not here for the same reasons the young bloods are here. I already achieved what I wanted to achieve. People came to see me, They cheered for me or booed me. One thing they weren't, was bored with me. It was a lesson I learned hard. Whatever happens to me, people still remember after all of these years. Whatever happens next for me really? Couldn't care less. What happens next for VWE is the real question. I had to eat real humble pie and know where I went wrong, I'm going to make sure the roster will be able to do the same. It's sink or swim time for VWE. I'm going to make sure it swims.

Any last words for the roster?

Adune: Do I piss you off? I know I do, Good. It's about time. Love me or hate me, What you're going to have to do is impress me. That will be harder than any title. I've paid my dues and busted my ass for years in this place. You all know I'm damn good at what I do, even if you won't admit it. If you think you're better than me, By all means prove it. If you don't, you'll be shown up by an 'old man'. I'm willing to bet, your pride won't survive that. Remember, you WILL be judged.

So Adune had some very aggressive words. We will see how he backs his words up each week on Primetime or Edge. See you there.

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