Interview with "The Star" Christina Krovac, Next Champion?

Paul: Hello I am Paul Henry Wilkins, and I am here with one of the competitors in the Triple Threat Match for the VWE Women's World Championship that will take place at Elimination Royale, “The Star” Christina Krovac. Good to have you here Miss Krovac.

Christina: Ugh, you again, I am so busy these days with my photoshoots and just being The Star you're actually really lucky to be sitting down with me today.

Paul: Now time and time again, Viola has prevented you from becoming number one contender to the Women's World Championship. Do you believe that she is intimidated by you?

Christina: Do I think that? How about you answer that, I keep forgetting your name, but thats fine, no one cares. Of course she's intimidated, the records show that Viola with that title around her waist and my name as a competitor is always bad news for her, because History lesson, one of my many, FOUR, title reigns was by beating her for the title, just shows in the record books WHY shes afraid of me as a #1 Contender.

Paul: What are your thoughts on Kittie not only being part of this Triple Threat Match but also being allowed to bring her guitar?

Christina: I never knew who she even was before I came back, and to be frank, I STILL dont know who she is. But ill let that little Kitty Cat have her 15 mins of fame, but after I win my title back, she'd be an afterthought like ALL my previous opponents. And for her to be allowed to use her guitar is just outright unfair, nonetheless I will prevail and reclaim my title, and it'll be that much sweeter

that some people will think the odds are against me.

Paul: Now Seth Cameron said that if you don't win the Women's World Championship at Elimination Royale, that you will never compete for the Championship ever again. What are your thoughts on that?

Christina: I actually find that quite funny, because what Seth thinks he's doing is shutting me up, but its only lit the biggest fire in me to just prove him wrong, and prove everyone else wrong. I mean come on, everyone has their doubters, and it just so happens to be that one of my biggest doubters is the Chairman of this company, but then again that just proves my success is earned and not because I SUCK up to the boss. Winks

Paul: Do you believe Kittie deserved to be in the match, or you believe it was better off just one on one between you and Viola?

Christina: I really don't care if you threw me in the ring with the entire roster, I know my greatness is in my talent, agility and skill, which NONE of the girls in the roster have.. so to answer your question, they're both IRRELEVANT on my road to greatness.

Paul: How confident are you to becoming a 5-time Women's World Championship?

Christina: I've been hinting it to the entire VWE Grid that im destined for greatness, I was the FIRST ever 4-Time Women's World Champion, and I came back to break another record because to be frank, no one else will or can for that matter. So to answer you're questions, Ill see you at my 5-Time Champ Celebration the first show back after Elimination Royal.

Paul: Hypothetically speaking, if you don't win the Championship, will you be entering the Elimination Royale? And if so, will you be confident to win against 20 other women?

Christina: I have been in multiple Elimination Royals and ive endured all of the ones ive been in, but I don't plan on entering this years Royal, because I WILL be a 5-time Champ whether you like it or not. So this question is irrelevant to me.

Paul: Any final words for your competitors?

Christina: I am going to direct this to the entire roster and not those two stepping stones in the match with me for my title, but after Elimination Royal, you better be prepared for what you're walking into, because a competitor like myself is one-of-a-kind, and I WILL make your career if you come for me, but I will also END it. Watch out bitches.

Paul: Well thank you for your time Miss Krovac. Good luck and we will see you at Elimination Royale

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