Interview with "The Star" of VWE

At Beach Brawl we were shocked to see the the return of one of the greatest VWE Superstars of all time in “The Star” Christina Krovac during the VWE Women's Championship match between Kittie Lovencraft and Viola Beaumont. We are here with Christina to talk about her return and her future here in VWE

Paul: Miss Krovac, Thank you for giving me your time to sit down and have this interview

Christina: Yeah yeah, you’re taking time out of The Star's day, get on with your questions.

Paul: Alright then, I'm pretty sure everyone must want to know, What made you decide to return to VWE?

Christina: Well, it’s simple really, I thought I left my mark for the future of the VWE Superstars to follow in my footsteps of greatness, or try to. I was clearly wrong! I just had to come back and show everyone what a real Superstar and Legend looks like, and most importantly how to steal the show.

Paul: I see, and why choose Beach Brawl, especially during the VWE Women's Championship match to make your return?

Christina: I say why not Beach Brawl? Its not a strange stage to me... in fact, my previous return was also at Beach Brawl! Maybe its fate? It was seizing an opportunity, and ill be honest with you, whatever your name is... don't really care, but I simply do NOT like the the faces I see going after the gold or holding it in the Women's division. I don't see competition, its sad but true, I know it, you know it, everyone reading this knows it, but its not like it used to be, and me coming back just made it a lot harder for all those in the back. I'm the only FOUR-TIME Women's World Champion VWE has ever had, and I'm looking to bump that up to a 5, why? Because first of all, 4 is better than 3 Viola.. and second of all, 5 is better than 4.

Paul: It's Paul Henry Wilkins by the way. So you believe that people like Viola Beaumont or Kittie Lovencraft as competition?

Christina: Don't really care who you are, remember its always The Star and the irrelevant, get that through your head. Its clear why I don't know you, you ask such silly questions. Viola... and Kittie... Competition? That does not go well in a sentence, they're but mere flies in my way to the gold, I've proven at Beach Brawl that I could destroy them, what makes anyone think I cant do it again in a sanctioned match. Dumb question, next. To answer your question in simpler terms so you.. can... understand... me.. I'm the competition to everyone and anyone, no one is at my level. Next, next, and NEXT.

Paul: Alright. What do you think of the current landscape of VWE especially in PULSE? We do have some new talent there. What are your thoughts about PULSE?

Christina: Like I said, the main roster just isn't doing it for me, something is lacking I just can't put my finger on it. I've seen some of the Pulse Wrestlers work and to say I'm impressed is a massive stretch, so I wont... but nonetheless I'm excited for fresh meat when they do get bumped up, but if I could send them a message it'll be to watch out, because Pulse is a pond, you might be a lot of little fishes swimming in it but the main roster is the ocean... and what do you have in the ocean? Sharks... we just might bite a little too hard, so toughen up because its a longer road to greatness, I can say from experience... Four time, did I mention that? Yeah four time champ.smiles

Paul: One final question. What do you think the future will hold for Christina Krovac? Are we maybe seeing you as the 5 time VWE Women's Champion?

Christina: All I know is that I'm going to be performing at the same standard I always do, if not better, because to be honest with you, I am the OG GOAT of the VWE, so will you be seeing me as the 5 Time VWE Women's World Champion? You'll just have to wait and see because I've got a ton of tricks up my sleeve, all I can say for now is watch out Viola, because I'm coming for you... oh and Kittie, if I have to trample over you to get there, Ill do it with ease. Ill find my way to the gold like I did 4 times before, 5 Time Champ has a nice ring to it. The Christina Mission has officially begun.

Paul: Well once again thank you for your time Miss Krovac and we hope to see what lies ahead for The Star

Christina: Oh keep an eye out winks

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