Interview with the Women's World Champion, Viola Beaumont

Paul: I am Paul Henry Wilkins, and I am here with the VWE Women's World Champion, who will defend her title in the Triple Threat Match at Elimination Royale, “The Absolute Legend” Viola Beaumont. Good to have you here Ms Beaumont.

Viola: Paul Henry Wilkins as an interviewer. Janitor must have been unavailable for the position for VWE to be this desperate.

Paul: Yes well anyway as I said you will be defending your VWE's Women's World Championship at Elimination Royale against Christina Krovac and Kittie Lovencraft. What are your thoughts on that?

Viola: My thoughts on a match just oozing with corruption? Not only do I have to defend my belt against two other opponents who have routinely failed to prove themselves deserving, creating a situation where I do not even have to be pinned to lose my historic reign. But also that corrupt owner Seth Cameron gives one competitor a huge advantage by letting her use her guitar. My thoughts on that match you would just end up having to censor out anyways.

Paul: Now with the added stipulation that Kittie can bring the guitar do you think that will be a factor in the match?

Viola: How could it not be? Seth knew what he was doing. He does not want me to be his Women's world champion because I won't kiss his ass and sugar coat things for troglodytes that attend our shows. I am real as can be. Not to mention Diamond Club has become so powerful Seth sees us as a threat to his own power. This is just one in what has been many actions to try to sabotage our power.

Paul: Well although Kittie can bring the guitar, Anyone can use it really. Do you think you will get the chance to use, or what strategies will you bring to the match?

Viola: My strategy is simple. I will lock one of the two in the Figure 8 and they will scream in pain before tapping out. The same strategy that has seen me win two titles this year. And after one of them gives up, Krovac will never compete for my Championship ever again.. and Kittie will have failed for the fifteenth time this year to overcome me.

Paul: Are you at least worried that you may lose the title without even getting pinned?

Viola: Not so sure I should be concerned about that really, I mean lets look back over the last couple months.. those two have faced off time and time again and not once have they managed to come to a decisive finish. Maybe my strategy should be just to stand on the outside and watch the two idiots wear themselves out failing to try to pin each other.

Paul: Does it matter to you that Diamond Club will not be at ringside to support you?

Viola: They have not been in months anyways. I do not need help. Once the big man left there was no reason to replace him and give people like you any more excuses for why you want to hate on greatness. I've won all three of my world championships alone. Diamond Club needed me, not the other way around.

Paul: With everything that you believe is against you how confident are you in winning the match and retaining your championship?

Viola: My confidence never wavers. I am the favorite to win this match regardless of what odds Cameron wants to put up against me. As I said already, Kittie will fail for the dozenth time.. and Krovac's career will essentially be over after Elimination Royale.

Paul: Now hypothetically speaking, let's say you lose the championship, will you be planning on entering the Elimination Royale?

Viola: Of course, seeing as an Elimination Royale win is one of the few career achievements still to allude me. Though I would not count on me having to enter that match anytime in the foreseeable future.

Paul: Any final words for your competitors?

Viola: Bend the knee to your Women's World Champion.

Paul: Well thank you for your time Miss Beaumont Good luck and we will see you at Elimination Royale

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