Jaidyn vs Rachel vs Louve - Women's Exhibition Championship

Tell me what led up to your match at Ground Zero.

Jaidyn: Instead of realizing how lucky she is to be even mentioned in the same breath as The Gold Standard, she somehow took exception to my big return to wrestling. She didn't like that I ruined her victory celebration when she won the title. It wasn't her victory celebration, it was MY return! Which is more important here? BTW I took that title from her the following week.

Rachel: So let's start at the beginning. two months ago , 10-18-20 was the most special date of my career so far. Six long months since I started here in VWE on Pulse, I was scratching and clawing my way to the top, to earn my shot. 10-18 I took that shot, I made a name for myself as I defeated Yukitama to become Pulse Women's Exhibition Champion. However instead of my fans seeing me crowned, they saw me get screwed out of a moment I had been fighting to get not only for me but for my fans who stuck by my side cheering me on fueling my fight. Jaidyn Rayne decided to make her return debut at the cost of my celebration not only attacking me but she ended up shoving one of the fans that stuck up for me. Not a week later it was Louve McMahon vs me for the Exhibition title. Louve might have had me beat she was closing in till Jaidyn interrupted the match trying to get to me so I kicked Louve into Jaidyn and pinned Louve to retain the title.

Then it came down to me vs Jaidyn for the Pulse Women's Exhibition Championship. During the match she decided to go for a kick I dodged , she knocked out the ref , I BLACKED Jaidyn OUT. No ref however to count it. The fans however counted it out loud 1...2...3. Louve's music played distracting me, Jaidyn hit the Rayne Cutter ref was recovered to count me out 1....2...3. I lost the title to Jaidyn, but come to find out it wasn't Jaidyn who played Louve's music , it was Louve all along playing us both. As we found out when I had a rematch vs Jaidyn for the title and Louve interrupted the match knocking us both out. So I talked to Kerok and here we are in a triple threat match for the Pulse Women's Exhibition Championship at Ground Zero on the grandest stage of them all. Wrestle Series.

Louve: Jaidyn interfered in two of my championship matches, which caused me to lose.

Who do you think will win your match?

Jaidyn: Me, of course! I'm The Gold Standard and I'm 24K Every Single Day!

Rachel: I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Louve and Jaidyn, but it's gonna be me winning this title. Let me tell you why. I have been screwed over, I have been beaten down and my fans have been attacked. I will have my justice not only for myself but for all of them in the crowd who has ever cheered my name as their hero. It is the hero vs the villains in that ring. I am bringing a war to the both of them for all the wrong that they've done and I will make them pay.

Louve: As The Mother of Wrestling i should give a lesson to those lil' girls !!!! I should go out with that belt on my shoulder

Any last thoughts?

Jaidyn: This is it for both of you, Rachel and Mom. When I beat you both at Ground Zero, you'll both be taking your rightful places at the back of the line, where I expect I will not be hearing from either of you for quite some time.

Rachel: Yeah I just got one thing to say to both Louve McMahon and Jaidyn Rayne. I have told Jaidyn since the beginning she has messed with the wrong chic and I told Louve to stay the hell out of my way. As my song says "You got in my way, now you'll have to pay". When that bell rings it will be time to "Kick Some Fuckin' Heads In!!!!"

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