Kittie Lovencraft: Interview with the Queen of Metal

Paul: I am Paul Henry Wilkins here, and I am here with one of the competitors in the Triple Threat Match for the VWE Women's World Championship that will take place at Elimination Royale, “The Queen of Metal” Kittie Lovencraft. Good to see you Kittie.

Kittie: Its always good to see you Paul! This should be rockin fun!

Paul: Now I know you have been waiting for this moment to capture the VWE Women's Championship, Do you believe that you will win and become a three time champion?

Kittie: Its been a long time coming. I may keep getting knocked down , however, nothing can keep this cat down. I'm a rocker, we never give up, never let you down......we always perform. We always give you the best show you deserve. But, yes I do think its my time now. I have wrestled both of these ladies and I know their moves, I know how they think. They both need to not forget a cat has 9 lives.

Paul: Now you are allowed to bring your guitar to the match. Do you believe that will be a major factor in this match?

Kittie: OMG I cant believe this is happening! MY Guitar???? My biggest issue is choosing which one to bring. I will have to be careful make sure that no one else gets their hands on them. I don't need them misusing my babies!!!!

Paul: I know you just wanted to be one on one against Viola, what are your thoughts on Christina entering the equation?

Kittie: She is an ungrateful bitch. I'm sorry I shouldn't say that but, she is stuck in the past thinking she is the best. I have not seen her prove this yet. She expects to come back and people remember who she is? I mean yes her name is "The Star" but when does she prove this? Am I angry that Christina entered, yes. I would not even be in this mess if wasn't for her. I would of already been Champion if not for her! So, this is my chance to finally prove once again, why I am always on top. I earn every single shot I get. No easy way out for me, unlike others around here.

Paul: are you worried that either Christina or Viola using the guitar against you?

Kittie: Should I be? Maybe. But, not in the least.

Paul: With everything going on, how confident are you in becoming the new Women's World Champion?

Kitte: There is no doubt in my mind. It is my time now. I will be your new Women's World Champion. I know to expect the unexpected. So I am more prepared and ready for this match than any match I have been in here at VWE.

Paul: Now hypothetically speaking, let's say you lose the championship, will you be planning on entering the Elimination Royale?

Kittie: Apparently you missed my promo last week. I promised my fans, I will be in the Elimination Royale and will once again prove why I am still a worthy opponent.

Paul: Any final words for your competitors?

Kittie: Watch your back ladies, I am not finished yet. I have only just begun

Paul: Well thank you for your time Miss Lovencraft. Good luck and we will see you at Elimination Royale

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