Marcy "Sass" Schafer Injured during VWE EDGE

Updated: Feb 5

By: Robin Hanks

Today the spotlight is on one of the brightest stars in VWE, Marcy “Sass” Schafer. In her young career, she has achieved some major accomplishments. She is a former holder of the VWE Women’s Championship, and was the 2019 Elimination Royale winner.

Winning the Elimination Royale, earned Sass, an opportunity to reclaim the championship from The Banshee at WrestleSeries 11. While she fought valiantly, some shenanigans by The Banshee led to Marcy’s defeat.

This past Friday night on Edge, Sass finally got another crack at The Banshee and her VWE Women's Championship. This was an extremely physical and personnel battle between these two. It took a rather frightening turn, when Sass was dropped head first on the steel stairs.

The arena was very quiet. The Banshee seemed genuinely remorseful. Medics came down to attend to Sass. When they had her loaded on the gurney, The Banshee showed her true colors, and laughing maniacally over and over.

Marcy was taken to the Shoreline Medical Center, where she was evaluated immediately. She has been diagnosed with a grade three concussion and is not medically cleared for any athletic activity. She will be out of action indefinitely. While this news is devastating, Sass has gotten comfort and has received inspiration from her family. They flew out immediately to be with her during her time of recovery.

I had a chance to visit her today. When I arrived, she was engaged in one of her favorite activities, watching cat videos! After watching a few we discussed the pressing topics.

She said, “I am so thankful for my friends and family. I am also humbled by the outpouring of support I have got from the fans. It’s wonderful”

We talked some more and she seemed her normal typical self. That is until the subject changed to The Banshee. I watched Sass turn from a normal fun loving self, to a woman on a mission. Fire was flashing in her eyes. It was intense.

About The Banshee she said, “If you think this is the end of me, you are sadly mistaken. I am going to be back stronger, faster and better than ever. I am warning you. I will stop at nothing to not only get revenge, but to destroy you and everything you represent and hold dear”

Very harsh words from Marcy “Sass” Schafer. We wish the best of luck in her recovery and can not wait to see her back in the ring.

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