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Michael Karsin, VWE National Champion

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Paul: This is Paul Henry Williams and I am here with the new VWE National Champion, “The Last Karsin Standing” Michael Karsin. Good to have you here Michael

Paul: First off congratulations on becoming the new National Champion, how does it feel becoming a Champion once again?

Michael: Its like riding a bike Paul, You want to know how it feels well here let me explain it to you in simple terms for you to understand. The feeling of taking this championship off the former two belt titan couldn't of put a bigger smile on my face.

Paul: Out of everyone you faced in the VWE do you believe that Hammer was your toughest opponent?

Michael: Toughest?? That's not how i would describe Hammer, He put up a fight but in the end he just did not have what it takes to be a champion, he wasn't no where close to being the toughest I've face in my career Ive faced bigger and a hole hell of a lot bigger.

Paul: Did you feel that you weren't going to win the National Championship?

Michael: As the paragon that i am the thought of not winning never crossed my mind, i was dead set on taking what hammer held so precious.

Paul: Is there anyone in the Men's Roster that you give a title shot to?

Michael: Honestly this roster cant touch what ive been able to do, i don't think there is anyone who deserves a title shot at my championship.

Paul: So now that you have the National Championship, Next is the Elimination Royale. You have said that you will enter the Royale. Are you confident that you will win the Royale Match?

Michael: Its the one thing that i have not been able accomplish, so you can bet your ass I'm confident.

Paul: Any final words you will like to say going into Elimination Royale?

Michael: Everyone better be ready, because i'm not holding back, this year i will get the Elimination Royale Win.

Well thank you for your time Mr. Karsin. Good Luck and we will see you at Elimination Royale

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