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Michael vs Braden - Last Karsin Standing

Tell me what led up to your match at Wrestleseries.

Michael: I got tired of being Braden's lackey, we started this sport together and we dominated everything that came in our way, Until Braden let the success go to his head and it changed him. I had to smarten up to get myself out of the shadow he cast over me in this sport so i took him off the grid. I went on to headline multiple Wrestleseries, i've been multi time world,national, tag team championships while Braden was dead, but the ghost came back to ruin all that i built.

Braden: what led up to my match at wrestleseries with michael karsin its straight to the point he has always been the type of person to try and overshadow me thats all well and good but hes not dealing with his brother hes dealing with the baddest son of a bitch in vw.

Who do you think will win your match?

Michael: Is that really a question? Lets face it while Braden has been back what has he done besides piss me off? I plan on going in and doing what i should of done before and put him out for good.

Braden: i take it your waiting for me to say im gonna win see that's not true my intention is very simple that is to beat him down as bad as i can and to make him realize i'm the sickest fuck that vwe has ever saw im gonna prove it at wrestleseries.

Any last thoughts?

Michael: No, now get out of my face.

Braden: I'm braden Karsin i don't make excuses the only thing i need is reasons

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