Morgan Jones Returns!!!

Last Friday on Edge, Morgan Jones made a return to VWE facing off against God after jumping the barricade and attacking him during the show. Later in evening I had a chance to sit down with Morgan and ask him some questions about this return among other things.

Lizzie: You have been away from VWE since your release. How did it feel being back last night?

Morgan: It was a bunch of mixed feelings, to be honest. I had been released by some other dude before Seth Cameron had primary control of VWE. I had no primary wrestling experience but had gotten hired at a tryout, and during that run within VWE I was kind of just.. there. I didn't really have a spot. I felt like I had so much more to prove and I didn't really get to do that. I had come to terms with leaving VWE despite not accomplishing anything, so when Seth Cameron called me and offered me a VWE contract I was extremely surprised. Despite the fact that I felt in my head that I was over wrestling, and I was comfortable never going back to it, there was that small part of me that remembered the disappointment I had felt when I got kicked to the curb and had gotten told that I'd never accomplish what I wanted to accomplish, or prove what I wanted to prove. Which is why I said yes. When I was standing backstage I had cold feet and thought that maybe I had made the wrong decision. After the match I felt like I had been ignited and suddenly I have everything to prove again.

Lizzie: I saw that you had some harsh words with God during the show, what made you jump the barricade after him?

Morgan: He pushed me. I felt like he had treated Brakman as if he were disposable which is how I had been treated before. I wanted to teach him a little humility. He's a fantastic wrestler, but an absolute delusional jackass. He got the best of my inexperience that night. But now I have nowhere to go but up. We will meet in the ring again one day, and I will beat him.

Lizzie: What thoughts were going through your brain during that match?

Morgan: It felt very natural to me. I thought that I would be shaking off ring rust throughout the entire match, but instead I felt like I had been way better than I had ever been before. The crowd was cheering for me and I felt like people had actually cared that I was back. I won't let them down.

Lizzie: You have had quite a few matches over the years at VWE, what would you say is your favorite match? Why? Morgan: I would say that I felt the best about my performance in my match with Cody. I didn't know myself before. I was just some dude who wrestled in jeans because I didn't own any gear. Prior to my release I had gotten to step into the ring with Derrick Cult, I pushed him closer to his limit than I thought I could, and I did that as a nobody, just keep your eyes on me now.

Lizzie: Do you think last night was a one time in ring debut or do you plan to continue at VWE?

Morgan: I'm definitely not going anywhere. I'm here to stay. I won't be pushed out again.

Lizzie: What are your plans now?

Morgan: I feel like I have everything on my side. The fans are with me. I'm learning and growing. The right people are starting to notice what I'm capable of.. and I understand that I lost against Cody.. and I may lose again. But keep watching me. I'm confident in my abilities, and when I am at my peak, there will be no coming down. I will be at the top.

Lizzie: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Morgan: The process for me is just one day at a time. I can't predict what I will do or who I will be, but you will always see the best of me.

Lizzie: Any final words?

Morgan: Thank you to every single person that supports me, keep calm and blaze on. Wait is this PG? I'm just kidding, do NOT do drugs. Is there a wellness policy?? Shit. I mean crap. Can I say that? This isn't live right? Surely you can edit some of that out?? Uhhhhhhhh... Skate on... and... stay in school. Aight imma head out.


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