Morgan vs Nyle - Street Fight

Tell me what led up to your match at Wrestleseries.

Morgan: Nyle and I used to be cool. I was around when he started on Pulse and I had respect for him. Even when I was inactive for two years, I thought highly of him and considered him one of the best. When I returned to the ring, I was laser focused on being better than I ever was before. Whether I would win a match or lose a match, I was earning the respect of everybody around me. Nyle Nightfire included. Nyle gave me a shot at the Legacy Championship because he respected me and he wanted a challenge... and when I beat him for the title, he was shocked. I don't think he really believed that I was at the same level as him. He didn't take me seriously. He ruined a hard fought championship victory by attacking me after that match. Degrading me to nothing. Week after week he walks around like some big bad bully because I gave him more than he expected. I worked my ass off to get here and I've been pushed out before. It won't happen again. The Morgan Jones Show is here to stay.

Who do you think will win your match?

Morgan: WrestleSeries is where I end this. I've been to the bottom of the pit and then I've been pushed down even further. Since I've been back, I've crawled my way back up. I won't let Nyle be what pushes me back down. I will beat Nyle Nightfire at WrestleSeries because it is the only reality that makes sense.

Any last thoughts?

Morgan: Nyle.. Bring me everything you've got at WrestleSeries. Every ounce that you have. Because when the night is over, you won't have any excuses left.

**Nyle was unavailable for the interview. We will see what happens at Wrestleseries!!! Check out

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