Ren vs. Night vs. Dimitri - VWE Legacy Championship Match

Tell me what led up to your match at Wrestleseries.

Ren: This match is all about, How to raise the bar! I have earned EVERYTHING ever since i returned.

Dimitri: (Answers in Russian) translator: In my opinion Ren is not worthy to carry Legacy Title. So I took it upon myself to liberate the title from him. Night had to stick his nose in where it did not belong.

Night: Just trying to give the people a marquee match up. Put my streak on the line for the legacy title. That's a hell of a match up if you ask me.... until Dimitri ONCE AGAIN involves himself with my business. This guy has been a pain in my ass all year. From Versus to costing me a world title shot against Austin Knight to now. Well, he gets his shot at me and Ren and all the glory. I just hope he's ready because I intend to put him down like Cold War relic he is.

Who do you think will win your match?

Ren: I have worked this opportunity! And Yet people wanted to rain on my parade, So Because of this... it's not who do i THINK will win the match, it's who NEEDS to win this match.. and that is me!!!!

Dimitri: (Translator): I will win and bring the title home to Mother Russia

Night: Is this a rhetorical question? I spent four years to get to this point. To claim the streak for my own. I don't plan on losing it now. One more win on the streak and the legacy title.

Any last thoughts?

Dimitri: (Translator): I will destroy both of my opponents at Wrestleseries

Night: None. All focus. Cold. Calculated. Built to last and kick ass.

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