Scion vs God: Inferno Match

Tell me what led up to your match at Wrestleseries.

Scion: God said he was going to punish hammer. i took offense to that because i'm the one who punishes the wicked.

God: Um, I don't know what led up to this. I guess it's a match made in heaven? Right? Hah? Got that? Funny right? No. I was focusing on ending Hammer, but Scion and his little buddies decided to come out and attack me. Ever since then, all I've wanted to do is send the devil back to hell and at Wrestleseries, I will do just that.

Who do you think will win your match?

Scion: I am going to win of course. the time has come for my reign

God: HAHA. Really? Scion. Scion will win and defeat God. HAHA, sounds funny right? That's another joke! No, I don't lose. I will send Scion back to hell, I will beat him, and I will end him for good. He's never coming back after Wrestleseries.

Any last thoughts?

Scion: God has fooled everyone into thinking he is a benevolent god. i am going to prove otherwise.

God: Have a nice, and enjoy Wrestleseries.

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