Seba vs Yukitama - Pulse Women's Championship

Tell me what led up to your match at Ground Zero.

Seba: I told my VIP's fans many of times I am a fighting Champ. I have stuck to my word time and time again showing everyone. I will be facing Yuki this coming Sunday We have faced each other many of times and we know each other pretty well. This should be a fun match.

Yukitama: It was natural for Yukitama after knocked down to get up and climb higher - not by trying to reclaim Pulse Exhibition Title for Rachel, but aiming at bigger prize - Pulse Women Title

Who do you think will win your match?

Seba: well me of course. I am a fighting Champ. Win or lose, I will go out fighting.

Yukitama: After loss of Pulse Exhibition Title to Rachel Yukitama learned new way to take down bigger and stronger opponents. Seba relies on all same tricks over and over again - and Yukitama saw them all. That will be difference that makes Yukitama new Pulse women champion

Any last thoughts?

Seba: I am honored to be your Champ. Thank you for supporting me.

Yukitama: Someone need to knock that madwoman down notch. Yukitama will be one to do it!

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