Sriya vs Heiress vs Maxine vs Anarchy vs ??? : VWE Women's National Championship Match Fatal 5 Way

Tell me what led up to your match at Wrestleseries.

Maxine: Pretty well the incessant idiocy of people sticking their noses where they don't belong. Syria got lucky by catching Rani on a bad night. Things such as that happen, however, they are also not meant to be left as it is. Of course, the dollar store censoreddecided to jump up from obscurity to try to challenge. The idiots decided that two challengers weren't enough and added yet another in a contenders match and so on and so forth. This is where we are.

Heiress: what led up to my match at wrestleseires basically i saw a belt i wanted it and now we are here..

Sriya: I came into VWE an underdog, fresh off the streets. The first match I had against Viola was a good one. She beat me, but that only pushed my passion to win even more. I spent time working out, practicing, building myself up. It was a few weeks before I had another match. Rani...Rani was a pain in my rear, but we all have to deal with one of those. I don't think she liked the fact that I beat her...more than once. When I won that title, it was a huge rush, one I have ridden on since that day. Match after Match I fight, some a bit closer than I would like, but I still come out on top. I am not going to be cocky, or boast like the rest of them do. I prove myself in the ring, just like I proved myself on the streets. If the other women want this belt...they better be ready to do more than run their mouths.

Anarchy: Ending Samanthas reign if terror led to this match

Who do you think will win your match?

Maxine: Lizzie, why would you even entertain asking such a ignorant question? You're looking at VWE's newest Grand Slam Champion.

Heiress: i know I'm going to win my match why wouldn't the baddest bitch win?

Sriya: . As far as who do I think will win, well that is an easy

Anarchy: No one thrives in the chaos of multi person matches quite like the Agent of chaos. NO time for schemes and plans in a fatal four way. It's survival of the craziest and ain't no one crazier than me

Any last thoughts?

Maxine: Allow me to make myself perfectly clear. I have been in the VWE since the day it became VWE. I have been in almost every Wrestleseries. Could you be bothered to tell me how many regular matches I have had during this time? ((feel free to add whatever stammer cuz you don't know)) TWO. Twice! Do you have any idea how sick and tired I am of having 8 way ladder matches, having been GUARENTEED the main event at Wrestleseries twice and having to fight to stay in the match? Being thrown in matches with the ones who don't deserve to step in the same ring as someone such as myself for a chance at a chance. One would think that someone such as myself could sit down and state what match they wish to be in and have management bend over backwards to ensure it happens, but no. I choose to state what I wished to do and every Tom, Dick and Harry get added to mess things up.... again. That's alright, I will just take this and channel it into trapping my opponents in my web and ensuring I walk out National Champion.

Heiress: You are looking at the next women national champion mark my words.

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