The History of Beachbrawl

Beachbrawl, one of VWE’s biggest shows in their legacy that has held some of the biggest moments. The most recent moment that stays stuck in many’s head is the war between Seth Cameron and The Big Shot Benja, where everyone witnessed Seth barely survive and put Benja on the shelf for some time. Beachbrawl is also a place that could leave a scar on other’s careers, like when Michael Karsin tried to cash in on his brother only for it to be robbed from him. Many of the talents normally aim for leaving their mark at Beachbrawl making sure no one forgets their name. In this article we will be learning about some those big impactful moments that affected members of the roster. What to them was their favorite moments...

Lyra: The moment that stands out to me is when Seth Cameron sent Benja through the ring… LITERALLY!

Rainbow Falcon: the crowning of the VWE XTREME Champion, Rhys Tucker. That man has climbed up from parts unknown and became an overnight sensation at the 2nd biggest event in SL History!

Maxine: The absolute state of ludicrous of having a over the top battle royale with the bombshells with nowhere to go but into the inevitable mote that is ever present every time this event rolls around.

The Misfit: One moment that stands out is when Michael Karsin came flying down the ramp on his motorcycle colliding with Night. It showed because Night got back up the truth about the endurance of that man.

Becky: One moment I remember clear as day is Chloe versus Christina in what was a classic match. Chloe getting redemption at the end and finally putting Christina down will always leave an impact on me.

Kittie: If i had to pick a moment it would honestly have to be the moment Banshee won the Women World. It was the start of a beautiful reign that everyone won't forget.

Benja: The best one was when I was world heavyweight champion. I even had that special entrance in the big 18 wheeler truck. It was the first ever moment that I had to really shine in the spotlight. It showed that I was a main player for years to come and I still am.

Austin Knight: One moment that I remember was what fueled me to become the greatest world champion, and that was when I fought Matt Asadar last year. I will admit it was one my better performances but coming up short in that taught me alot of what I needed to do and as you see it lead me to the top.

Morgan: Beach Brawl 2016, Viola cashes in her contract after the Women's World Championship main event match, catches Lily out of mid-air with the V-Cut cementing her in the books with her first Women's Championship reign.

Wrex: Will have to show my support to my tag partner Sass and her first chance in one the supershow big matches with the fatal four way. Even though she came up short she showed she could keep up with some of the best, which made me very proud of her.

Natas: The entrances of some of the performers stand out to me, the biggest one being Marionetta coming out as a pirate on a ship to the ring.

So many memories shared among the roster but with a bright future ahead for the VWE, only time will tell who will make the next big Beachbrawl moment people will talk about!

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