The Misfit Returns: New VWE World Heavyweight Champion

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Lizzie: Its great to see you back in the ring Misfit! How did it feel to be back?

The Misfit: We will be honest, it feels amazing to be back in the VWE after what Diamond Club did to me.

Lizzie: Care to elaborate on your feelings regarding Diamond Club and the actions that put you out for so long?

the Misfit: To be honest, the doctor told us our career could possibly be over. We had to prove them wrong and come back, kept hitting the gym everyday trying to build the strength back. Waiting for the right moment to strike.

Lizzie: It took you a long time to speak for the first time. What caused this?

the Misfit: Pushed to the limit. Diamond Club pushed us to a point we had to go to break the glass ceiling. We had to send out the message that, we will not back down!

Lizzie: Who is us?

the Misfit: The misfits, we work together. United we stand as one entity. We represent all those misfits that society shunned for wanting to be different.

Lizzie: So, now you have won the VWE World Heavyweight Championship. I see Drake won the Elimination Royale. What do you see happening now?

the Misfit: Being honest... Hope Drake sees the light with Diamond Club and break off. This is also the same man that showed his true colors earlier this year and turned on everyone. The same man that help almost end our career, throwing the first strike.

Lizzie: Any last words?

the Misfit: To all those on the roster, we will bring life back into the legacy of the world title. You want a title shot step up and prove it, don't step in the ring with someone else to prove you earned it. Step in the ring with us, and take it! We proved it pays off. To our misfits, thank you for never giving up on us even when our life was at a real low...

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