The Underdog Story

With the big event in the books we saw many historic moments as well as title changes. We had a chance to sit down with NEW National Champion, Wrex Ocelot, to get his thoughts on the war he went through.

Jenny: Thank you Mr. Ocelot for joining us today and congratulations on your big title win. First question everyone wants to know, how does it feel finally winning this war against Drake Edwards in what was too many a match of the year candidate match?

Wrex: Not a problem! Thank you, it's surreal! This has been a long road to get back after losing the former VWE United States Championship back after Versus but I kept on fighting and training. And at Beachbrawl I was finally able to overcome 'The Diamond Dragon' and it feels damn good to keep a title out of the hands of the Diamond Club! I can tell you that!

Jenny: Was there any moments during that war you thought it was going to slip out of your hands?

Wrex: Well as much as he put me through with all the mind games and attacks, I'll admit Drake Edwards is one of the true elite of this business. You can't be sure of anything facing him because he will flip the script on you in an instant. But as always, I kept my focus and lived up to my mantra of never backing down. Facing him head on and finally overcoming him at Beachbrawl.

Jenny: Now for a tough question, this is a two part question Mr. Ocelot. Night one we saw you and your best friend lose the tag belts with them ganging up on her, does part of you feel you caused that by putting up the tag title shot without talking with her about it? Do you both plan on gunning for them knowing about yall's rematch clause?

Wrex: Though I probably should have consulted with Sass first, I will always have full faith in her abilities in the ring - I've said it before and I will say it here now Sass is one of the best in ring talents in this business period. Male or female. She has the drive, the speed and the skill to be a world champion and I think she will be one day soon. Mark my words on that. She had Dimitri on the ropes just using her speed and elusiveness but they turned the tables on us and got the win in the end. And you know it! As soon as an opportunity arises, the Neon Warriors will be there ready to fight to regain the gold. Hell, we're always ready for a fight!

Jenny: With the fresh title win, are there any people on the roster you would love to defend the title against and why?

Wrex: I've always had this mentality that a champion should strive to defend his or her title constantly to represent his show with honor and pride. That being said, I plan on taking on all comers for this belt - one on one, in the center of the ring. The fans and the VWE as a whole deserve nothing less than that. As far as opponents I'd like to face, there are so many worthy superstars that deserve a shot at the National Championship and I'd be proud to face them all.

Jenny: Well with how many moments happened during this two nighter event, which stands out to you the most?

Wrex: Man, there were just so many insane moments! Christina Krovac returned the way she did, the wild finish in the VWE Men's World Heavyweight Championship match but I guess if I had to pick a moment that stood out the most to me, Brakman vs Cody. Especially when the tank got busted. That whole match was insane and both really put on a good showing with Brakman standing tall at the end. He's going to be a man to keep an eye on that's for sure.

Jenny: With the shocking end to the Women's title match, what did you think of Christina's return and how was the reaction of the locker room when she walked out?

Wrex: I honestly am at a loss of words on that one - one thing is clear though Christina made an impact. Hell, she basically straight up picked the winner after her attack by drapping her over Kittie and she picked Viola. I think it's just getting started between Christina and Viola.

Jenny: You mention the World Heavyweight Championship ending. This is a multiple answer one, why do you think Austin had to resort to such an evil tactic to escape with his belt? After the match the world saw a look on Misfit's face that many haven't seen in years, Defeat, do you believe this could possibly be the last of Misfit?

Wrex: I mean is that first question a trick question? It's the Diamond Club, it's what they do - we've all seen the tactics they stoop to on a regular basis, they are a disgrace to the sport in my eyes and are a blight upon the VWE. Austin knew he couldn't straight up beat Misfit so he cheated like he always does.

To your second question, I say a resounding hell no! I've faced Misfit a few times in the ring and you won't ever take the fight out of him - he may be down for now but I promise you he'll be back and hopefully when he does, he can get some payback on Austin.

Jenny: With us wrapping up this interview are there any last words you would like to give the roster, any pep talk, anything?

Wrex: I'll just wrap this up by saying that Beachbrawl was one of the best shows I've been a part of yet and I plan on taking this momentum and this VWE National Heavyweight Championship and turning it into my driving force going forward - I have to strive to be even better than before and give the fans a champion they deserve. So to the men's roster, if you want to step into the ring with me for a shot at this title, bring it because I'm a fighting champion and I will take on all comers. That's a promise!

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