The Wolf vs Skoll - Pulse Heavyweight Championship

Tell me what led up to your match at Ground Zero?

Skoll: My saga has just begun. I'm here to prove to everyone that what Adune saw in me was real. I'm not just a man that gets mad and throws people around. Week after week I've proven that I have the drive and the skill to be the #1 contender for the heavyweight title. By taking one of the Wolf's belts I made sure to get his attention too.

The Wolf: growls

Victor speaks for the Wolf: Well after Skoll has his moment with Adune Snowpaw, He believed that it is time to face me as the Double Champion, he believed that now he had the confidence to take on the Wolf, yeah he beat me for the Pulse Exhibition Championship, but he is not taking the title away from The Wolf

Who do you think will win your match?

Skoll: Me. It's not being arrogant or cocky by saying that. The Wolf is a formidable opponent. He has skill and is ruthless. If you take your eye off of him long enough, he will catch you off guard. But I have something he doesn't. My path has already been written by the gods. Like Odin and Fenrir, The Wolf and my story will be intertwined. I'm undefeated and I plan to keep it that way. Victory or Valhalla. There's no other choice.

The Wolf: growls

Victor: The Wolf is undefeated. I will stop at nothing to make sure I will be victorious and retain the Pulse Heavyweight Championship

Any last thoughts?

Skoll: Do I get mead after this? If not...I want to write an advice column. So talk to your boss.

The Wolf: growls

Victor: Skoll, be warned, you asked for this and now you will see that The Wolf will destroy you!!! *Victor's eyes grew angrier as if he is channeling The Wolf"

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