??? vs. Christina - VWE Women's World Championship

Tell me what led up to your match at Wrestleseries.

Christina: As you all know, Elimination Royale is where I made history and became the first ever 5-Time VWE Women’s World Champion, but on that same night the biggest fluke in Elimination Royale took place right before my eyes when Marcy ‘Sass’, undeservingly won the ER, for the second year in a row! If that’s not fishy I don’t know what is, so I had to put things straight and teach her a lesson. I gave her an ultimatum that if she beat my Champions Challenge, by pinning Lyra Phoenix then I’ll go ahead and give her the match she thinks she deserves. Sadly for Sass, the outcome wasn’t in her favor when Rani struck Lyra down causing a DQ Win for Lyra, hence me not having to sign my WS contract match, ofcourse that led on to us dismantling Sass until she was unable to compete for the foreseeable future, one of my proudest moments.

Who do you think will win your match?

Christina: Who do I think is going to win my match? Well I had no say in whether or not I wanted to face either Rani or Lyra, so I don’t really give a shit! Like I told you all before how I’d make history and become the first ever 5-Time World Champ, and I did that, I will come out of WS victorious no matter who it is I’m up against!

Any last thoughts?

Christina: All I can say for my last thoughts is, Rani or Lyra, you have stepped on the wrong toes, I am the golden standard of the VWE and I will show you both once again, that this star isn’t falling anytime soon! Oh and Sass, hoping for a not so speedy recovery darling, just make sure you take your vitamins or whatever! Byee!

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