As promised on social media our current acting CEO, Kara Cameron, kicked off the show confirming that tonight we would see three of the girds most determined and promising competitors battle it out for the number one spot for Elimination Royale in just a few short days! Then we got right into the first match of the evening where Loody Graves went toe to toe with Patrick O'Rielly who just came off a tough loss against Dimitri earlier this week on Edge! Without hardly any time to rest the Knuckle Brawler was back in the ring, but probably not the wisest of decisions. He put the hurt on Loody early in the match but The German Sensation was determined to keep his momentum going into Elimination Royale.

"The Infamous" Nyle Nightfire then took to the stage to say that he welcomed tonight's challenge and in short, made it very clear he was going to prove why he's called the insurance policy by making sure to secure what most would consider almost a promised victory at Elimination Royale. Ensuring he'll have to deal with as few competitors as possible. The crowd didn't approve, but if he could make good on his promise will yet be seen later tonight.

We then saw an intense battle between Seba "The Mad Hatter" going up against Yukitimia. Two bitter rivals from Pulse now battling it out on Versus, both making their debut to main roster here tonight! It was a fast paced battle where Yukitima seemed to have Seba on the ropes, but the former Pulse Women's Champion managed to find a way through to secure the win in the end!

The Diamond Club has made it clear that they are no slouches when it comes to being tag team champions and tonight they took to the stage with a special surprise to the Versus crowd, they had shown up tonight to put their titles on the line in an open challenge match! While one competitor was chomping at the bits to have any kind of fight since taking down Danni, the other only seemed there to try and ride the hard work of others to snag some easy glory for himself. That's right Rachel Dune, the Blackout Artist herself made her way to the ring but it was Maxwell Ryan who surprised everyone when he came down to be her partner! What happened was a shameless display where Rachel Dune was practically cut off every time she gained momentum by Maxwell trying to steal all the glory for himself. Needless to say Rachel stood little to no chance in this contest. However the encountered has strengthened her resolve to have a proper team up with her brother in training, Skoll.

However Maxwell decided to stick around as he had a few words to share, but VWE World Heavyweight Champion Night had something to say about that. Taking exception to the way Maxwell made himself Number One Contender at Elimination Royale by beating the ever living crap out of Night with a cheap shot from behind. Tonight Night came out in force for a little payback and to inform Maxwell that he'll get his way at ER, but on the champs terms! Looks like the battle is truly set for Maxwell Ryan and Night to face off this Friday for the Heavyweight Championship of the World!

As if tonight wasn't intense enough we saw a truly savage display between Captain Carnage Hammer going toe to toe with The Wolf for the first time in three years as these two have not competed since Hammer left the Pulse roster. However since it's now the world of Versus there was nothing keeping these two apart so we got a battle for the ages! Hammer started off strong however it was only a matter of time before The Wolf came out to hunt! By the end we all watched in shock as Victor scored one of the biggest upsets of the year! Doing what very few have managed to do before him and get a clean win over the King of the Arena!

Then in the aftermath we saw Micheal Karsin come down to the ring to inform Hammer that his little plan to goad him and Dominick into fighting him and Ren the same night as Elimination Royale wasn't going to work and that "The King" was going to have to claim his kingdom without the chance to get a cheap jump start against his rivals. After all winning the tag match would not of been as important as taking both the Karsins out before the rumble, now he'll have to face them both fresh when their numbers come up! Then we finally got to the main event of the evening where we saw Morgan Jones, Nyle Nightfire, and James Grey battle it out in a fatal three way for the VWE Number One Elimination Royale Slot! Easily thee most valued position to be in when it comes to a battle royale and it was clear all three of these men knew exactly what was on the line! It was a chaotic match where it seemed like anyone's game. However as promised earlier in the show, Nyle secured the victory and proved to the entire grid why he is indeed "The Insurance Policy"

With just one more show before Elimination Royale it's anyone's guess as to what can happen! The pieces are all set and the players are almost ready as we head to that final stop on our way to the big showdown! All of this building up to the greatest show of the year, Wrestleseries13! Until then take care fight fans.

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