Wrestleseries Dream Matches

By Robin Hanks

It is now December, the road to WrestleSeries is well underway. We are just over two weeks from WrestleSeries 12! Throughout the years, there have been many memorable matches at this historic event. I asked several members of the VWE roster about what dream matches they would like to have or would like to see.

Let’s get started with Morgan Jones!

“Hmmm that's a tough one, there are a few people I'd love to share the stage with at WrestleSeries. Instinctively, I would say Brakman. I would also love to put Night into the equation. Hell, I would even name God himself Cody Houley. Fatal four way baby. There's my Wrestleseries dream match.”

Wrex Ocelot

“There are so many top caliber talents that are in or have been in the VWE for years so picking one dream match for me is super difficult. Though when I really think about it, I know for me what I would have to pick as my personal dream match - Brakman Wylder vs Wrex Ocelot.

Call me selfish but I've never faced him one on one and I consider him my wrestling idol, he's a man who has always fought with honor and managed to stay on top of his game for years on years. It would be a true test for me but a challenge I welcome”

So far two young stars want to face the legendary Brakman Wylder. Can you blame them?

Anarchy “Me vs Lyra, inferno match.” She then laughed and walked away.

Ren Blackheart

“The dream Match that I would’ve liked to have at WrestleSeries!!! A fatal four way match with Jackson Doune, Myself, Hammer and Derrick Cult!!.

Matches I would love to see, Hammer Vs Derrick Cult or Drake Edwards vs Curt Bombastic in an i Quit match!”

Jaidyn Rayne

“The Gold Standard vs Christina Krovac”


“A dream match I would like to have would be Scion vs Seth Cameron. a dream match i would love to see would be Drake Edwards vs Curt Bombastic”

Drake Edwards

“For me I have several I would love to face at WrestleSeries. For the purposes of your question, I will only list people I have not faced before. I have two that would be an honor. Firstly Drake Edwards vs Seth Cameron. Seth is a legend in this business. I would love to see who truly has the better superkick. It is me of course, but I would love to prove it in a ring.

My second match would be Drake Edwards vs Curt Bombastic. That would be a war where we would kick the crap out of each other. Both of us would be battered and bruised, but man what a fight that would be.”

“Dream matches for me would be Hammer vs Jackson Doune, Wrex vs Bryce Ketterley,

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